The Difficult Life of Becoming a Kpop Star

There are many people who listen to Kpop music nowadays and there are many fans of different idols, but some people don’t know the hard work and difficult times they’ve had to go through to become a Kpop idol. Before becoming a kpop idol, you first have to join a company and then get trained to become an idol. There are many different companies that help train idols, usually the bigger the company, the harder it is to get into. Many companies hold auditions to find newcomers wanting to become a kpop idol. There are usually many auditions held each year but it’s pretty hard to pass the audition since there are many people auditioning.

When you do pass the audition and you sign a contract with the company you become a trainee. When you become a trainee you have to take singing, dancing, and acting lessons as well as some language classes. Life as a trainee can be hard because of the tight schedules. Some trainees who are students would start training right after school which can be even harder since they have their classes in school and then they also have to take classes in singing and dancing. Usually the training hours for trainees who are students start from 6 pm, or whenever their school classes are finished, to 10 pm. Other trainees may have a different schedule depending on the company they’re in, like having to wake up at 5 am and they not finishing until 1 am in the morning.

In one of the big companies called JYP, trainees there usually have one to five classes a day, with each class being about 3 hours. When taking dance lessons, a trainee may train up to 5 hours or more a day practicing dancing, and some trainees may also practice in their own time especially when the monthly evaluations are close. During the evaluations the trainees have to perform their best to show the company that there are making progress in their training or else they’ll get kicked from the company if they’re not improving.

In addition to their training, trainees also usually receive homework daily to do, and if they don’t do their homework given to them by their company, they’re going to get left behind. There are many trainees who give up their dreams of becoming a kpop idol because of the tight schedules and all the training and practice they have to do in order to not get kicked from the company.

The tight schedule isn’t the only thing difficulty in becoming a kpop star. Trainees also have to keep their weight under control. Some trainees may have to lose weight while other may have to keep their current weight which can be difficult because of the intense exercise they do and practicing dancing. They also have to control what they eat to control their weight which means they might not be able to eat certain foods depending on which company they are in since each company may do things differently.  Companies usually check each trainee’s weight day to day to see if they’ve lost weight or have kept their weight.

After becoming a trainee and you been training for a while there is a chance you could debut but not all trainees are able to debut. Before a trainee can debut they usually have to train for a while. The average training period for a trainee is usually between 2 to 4 years but it can be different for each trainee. Jo Kwon, who’s a member of the balled group 2AM, had been a trainee for 7 years before he was able debut while Kyuhyun, a member of the group Super Junior, only trained for 3 months before debuting in the group. In the girl group called Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, the group members’ average training period was 5 years.

The life of a trainee can be hard and tiring. Many trainees may give up their dreams of becoming a kpop star but it can be hard giving up their dream too. When a trainee is accepted into a company they have to sign a contract with the company and if they want to give up and leave the company it can be difficult. If a trainee chooses to leave before their contract with company has ended the trainee may have to pay back the company for all the time and effort the company put into them to training them to become an idol.

While there are many people who love listening to kpop and wish to become a kpop idol themselves, it can be hard to actually become a kpop idol. To become an idol you have to be a trainee first and train to become an idol and the training can last for a long time and there’s also a chance they you may not ever debut. The life of a kpop trainee can be hard and difficult it would be better if the companies gave trainees more time for themselves so they can rest or go see their family from time to time since they’re always training they never have time to themselves or time with their family. They need time to rest their bodies from training so that they’ll have energy to train later. There are many trainees and even idols that have gone to the hospital because of being overworked or not getting enough sleep. Companies should also let them eat more instead of making them eat less. Even if they’re trying to lose weight making them eat less would make it hard for trainees since they are always training they need to eat more or they won’t have enough energy to get though the day.


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167 thoughts on “The Difficult Life of Becoming a Kpop Star”

  1. Hiya Ngua,

    This is Jason from Green Tea Graffiti (GtG)! I’m truly honored you even referenced my article about this topic.

    It’s great that you wrote on this topic. Being a K-pop star is really a double-edged sword, I feel. Like you said in the article, the life is pretty brutal, yet few truly know about it (or choose to ignore the hard work).

    Gotta ask, what made you interested in K-pop and doing this exclusive on becoming a K-pop idol?

    1. Sometimes, there are things that you really won’t achieve coz in one look, it’s so impossible.
      I just researched this out of curiosity in watching kpop vidz, and reading this article made me so touched. I may not achieve this dream but there are other goals in life i should focus. BIG THUMBS UP TO ALL KPOP DREAMERS AND THOSE WHO ALREADY SUCCEEDED

    2. I want to become kpop idol someday because i think dancing and singing is the only thing that i know to do. I call myself stupid because I’m not good in school and i always listened to kpop and watching kdrama. Being a kpop idol was the only thing that i dream ever since. I didn’t see myself doing other things than performing on stage. I feel like the stage was calling me and they want me to perform there i really really want to become a kpop idol. That was the only dream i have . But the problem is i am not that rich. Our family just simple so being a kpop idol is very difficult to me . That make me sad

      1. Hey your social status doesn’t matter! Take a look at Yoongi (Suga) for example. He didn’t ever stop giving up on his dream and look where he is now! Hard work and believing in yourself when things get tough is how you achiev your dreams. Don’t ever give up!

        1. I only know rapps and dancing I want to become k pop idol but my mom says that’s rubbish you will get nothing and I’m Muslim that’s the most big problem plz pray for me plzzzzz????????????that I can be a k pop idol????????????????????????????

      2. Hey, it’s alright to not be rich. One doesn’t have to have money to become a kpop idol but talent. Many kpop idols were from a poor background before they were trainees. If that’s your dream, you must give it a shot!

      3. Dreams don’t work unless you and always remember nothing is imposible to do , if Trainees or Kpop idol’s can , you can also do it too cuz there’s is no differences, cuz Kpop idols are also humans too

      4. hey. i have read and understood your message but you should never give up! Try online audition. Please dont let your talent fade like that

      5. Oh hey! If u really think ur role in life is preforming in stage and becoming an idol so go and make it true and I think u have to believe ur self and if ur family r not rich that won’t stop u so that GO AND MAKE UR DREAM CAME TRUE ????

      6. Hey, i knw this feeling. This feeling of getting dejected becoz theres no money. Life gives u shit after shit and one day u realize science runs on energy and society on business. Business wont care about lives, let alone dreams. Watever happens, dnt forget that theres always something to do. Something grt. Life is also about living. Dnt forget to gather the little sweet memories in the want of work work work. Good luck. All my wishes for u!

      7. never give up because if you truly want to become a kpop idol you will always find a way. reading this made me sad because when i was quite younger than i am now i waned to become a singer cause i loved music and wanted to sing real bad but my mum and the rest of my family were against that idea and tried to get me interested in something else but i succeed in my dream i got the chance in school i was chosen to be a solo singer and boy i made my proud… so keep trying

        1. I’m not korean but i’m american and i’m 13, i wanted this dream to become a singer but my family dosen’t wan’t it they say i need to get a job and make money first before becoming one, and in my head the only thing i could think of……………. is becoming an idol i’m talented with all the hard work i did with dancing,rapng,acting and im working on singing. I’m not a perfect student at school btw i don’t think i can make it cause my family dosen’t want it so they wouldn’t help.should i give up on my dream do you think i can achive it?

          1. did you learn Korean????well i regret have given up on my dream ,how dumb i was there was an audition in my if i were you don’t miss that chance but be ready for all the hate,commotion,people and stress.wish you luck

      8. Being poor doesn’t matter, if that really is your dream then go for it! We aren’t stopping you or anyone who’s trying to.. it’s you who’s stopping you from chasing your dreams and goals in life. Can you see IU? she said she is from a poor family living in one room with cockroaches, she’s even worse than you at least you have a bit of money. But if you really go for it, it’s WORTH IT. In the end IU is able to help her family. So if you debut someday I’m sure you’ll do the same too. I also wanted to be an idol. And I told my family about it they’re all supportive. Sometimes you need someone to support you I told them “No one can stop me from being an idol” and my father said “Don’t stop. Keep going forward because nothing is impossible if you do your best”. I also think of myself dumb cause I’m always searching for kpop and not my school. I even think that my big brother and my younger brother is smarter than me, and that makes me ashamed of myself. But really, once you realize your dream, they’ll also realize that what you were doing the whole time was to chase after your dream.. FIGHTING!!!!

      9. suga wasn’t in a very wealthy family but he made it. if you really want to pursue your dream then go for it, you only have one life. fighting!

      10. I WANT TO BE a KPOP idol too and im planning to audition in YG when i 13 yr old BEACAUSE its also my dream in im promising myself it may be hard but it will make me happy. SO DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM ON ECOMING ONE , IT IS WORTH A TRY IN AUDITIONING TO SEE IF U GET ACCEPTED IF UR GOOD AT SING SO DONT GIVE UP..[we have the same dream]:)

      11. being poor wont change anything. Many k-pop idols were from very poor and simple houses too but see now, They have achieved what they really wanted to be. Only dreaming wont work. If u tried, of course u will succeed to become one. I believe in you that you can do this. There is always one person for you to make you succeed and i hope i will be the one after u achieve to become a k-pop idol. Fighting!!!

      12. Hey,don’t be sad….convence your parents and go for audition…..and if you pass but I’m dam sure you will pass….and I know being a trainee is hard but if you don’t give it is worth for your dreams….

      13. It’s not important if you’re not rich, I’m not rich either. But as long as you have talent, hard work in yourself and motivation, i think that you can do anything you want. Don’t think about plane tickets, i read that the company pays you a ticket and everything, it’s good to have some money but you don’t have to have like 1000$, i want to be a KPop Idol too, I’m not korean or anything I’m european and I’m 14 years old, i want to become a KPop Idol but the biggest problem is that my mom and dad don’t support it, my mom says that i can do whatever I want when I’m 18, but that’s too old and that’s an age limit for some companies, i would like them to at least listen to me and try to understand my dream.

        1. Hey girl without telling ur parents u can go for an online audition and if u stand out ur parents will obviously support u they will be so proud of u go for it my mom is open minded so she says u can do whatever you want but just be happy with it but my dad is not happy with my idea of becoming k pop idol but I have decided to convince them and tell him how much I love dancing u also explain them they will support for sure all the best ????????❤️

        2. Hey there. I completely understand your situation. I myself am 14 and I’m trying anything to work harder for my dream. I am just American, not Korean; but K-pop isn’t just for specific people. I mean, look at the Black Pink documentary. Their producer even asked what the limits of K-pop were. Nobody has a specific definition or meaning for K-pop, and it’s not really limited. It’s become such a worldwide known genre, and so many people know about it.

          I’ve lived in poverty all my life. My parents divorced, I’ve lost house after house, my mom never has been truly happy with someone, my dad doesn’t even try to support me, I’m currently in a state of poverty again- and so much more. You could possibly imagine how I feel, but none of this is stopping me. My light is still shining and I’m striving to always do my best.

          Of course, being a highschooler and balancing dancing is a challenge, but that’s okay. I also have my faults and things that I must do to survive.

          Please don’t give up. <3

      14. No problem girl suga from BTS left his home becoz his parents were not supporting him and he did a part time job as a pizza delivery boy and had an accident in which he injured his shoulder he is so successfull if u really think that stage is calling u and u see urself their go for it I can tell becoz this is something that I feel like stage is calling me and like u I don’t like studying at all and moreover I’m Indian but just a thought of dancing giver me tikles in my fingers becoz that’s something that I live like u I imagine myself being a k pop idol and im not giving up that easily u also continue dreaming and work for it ????????❤️lots of love

        1. Ahh this gives me soo confidence that not only me bt many indians are trying to be idols…MAY WE SUCCEED SIS..????

      15. I also want to become a k pop idol but my problem is not money it’s something else the problem is my mom and my family will never allow me cause I’m Muslim so they will never allow me to become a k pop idol my only dream is to become a k pop idol

      16. you know what its ok to be not rich…because many kpop idols is not rich like suga/minyoongi, in bts…why me im not rich person but my dream is become a kpop idol and im not a korean im a pilipina i study a korean languages to become a korean kpop idols…and not call yourself stupid….believe in yourself…..because….your the one who creates your future….ok so pls dont call yourself stupid,dumb or idiot…and pllsss believe in your confident… so dont be sad…????

      1. You can become a KPOP idol without being Korean, but another thing is to achieve it. Think about it, you train for years, you don’t rest and some of the companies trainers are very harsh. Sometimes, the companies make you train at midnight. Your future is unknown, and you don’t even know if you will debut or not. You have to be good at everything: vocals, visuals, flexibility, rapping, dancing, etc. Becoming an idol isn’t easy, you never know if you will debut or not. But if you’re trying to become one, I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

        1. well, in my perspective if we wont take any risk there is no fun. As well as, if we did our best I am sure we will succeed to become one! and I am also trying to become kpop idol and I will be giving my 100% in my effort. There is risk that after all our effort will u debut or not but the result depend on our efforts and hard works.

          1. Exactly……if you work hard you can achive anything…….just work harder and keep sticking to your dreams and 1 day you will surely succeed……

      2. Don’t worry i also want to be and i will give online audition
        for JYP u can also try shows your talents completely let them choose indians because of our talents lets not get down there is always a flicker of hope lets try i also want to. We have nothing to lose so lets just give a try.

        1. I’m an indian…& i want to become a k pop idal…& I give my 100%…I also sing well, dance well bt I’m old age 23…cuz of am realy hopeless..

          1. No prob I’m go for online audition and if u have talent they will see it and they will need u all the best ❤️????????

          2. I think u shouldnt keep urself down by thinking ’bout ur age dear…U just have to believe in urself every single day,every single second no matter what the world says or thinks ’bout you.U r the fulfiller of ur own dream..And ’bout your age..U r just 23..and companies usually look for talent and youthful personality which u ll have to inculcate..Its absolutely possible that they may train u for less years and line u up in a debut group within 1/2 years..Thing which matters in this industry is passion, desire,talent,patience,humbleness..U got one lyf dear..Go get it!!Follow ur dreams…NOONE CAN STOP U EXCEPT U YOURSELF…i am also 18 and currently studying for NEET and at the same tym trying hard in online auditions…Who knows what ur future holds…isn’t it?! ALL THE VERY BEST DEAR…BE THE FIRST INDIAN KPOP IDOL AND LEAD THE WAY FOR OTHERS..Much love..❤❤

    3. I am interested because I love music…… I could have chosen to become a normal singer but when u talk about kpop u not only express ur emotions by singing but also dancing…… If that’s what it takes to do that then I’m ready to face the difficulties ☺️

      1. I am amazed to see your confidence. I wanna become one too and I hope in the future we both will be seeing each other as kpop idol! Fighting!!

    4. Hello! This is Wendy from Red Velvet. Life is really brutal, but hey! Hard work pays off! Look at me now! I worked really hard, and I got what I wanted! I know people do ignore hard work A LOT but that didnt stop me from stoping my hard work! Yes, I couldve gotten kicked off when I was a trainee and Red Velvet wouldnt be a thing but I didnt! People can be really ignorant sometimes but I have two words for that.
      DONT. CARE!

    5. Well am a nigerian, am 13 but have this dream of becoming a kpop star, i love everything about kpop and i have heard how hard it is to become a kpop star buh i am not giving up am happy i know how hard it is but am ready to take the risk AM NOT GIVING UP

    6. I recently had a thing for black pink lol they are amazing, and I just idk really want people to be able to feel me, see me and realize me for my talent. I also would have to learn all Korean because I’m Chinese and I don’t understand any of it. However, I cannot become an idol because though I am pretty hardworking if I rlly love it, I have no talent ???? everyone tells me i suck at singing, and I have never learned dancing before. I’m 12 so I fear it’s too late to learn dancing or singing… sigh good luck to the talented people!

      1. Dannah it is never to early to chase your dream. Look all I’m saying is that you chase your dream now befor it gets to late. You audition at any age as long as there is not a requirement like we are looking for people who have been born between 1992 and 2005. Some entertainments do not have this but a lot do. Like SM Entertainment they are holding auditions right now in 2017 if you want more details go to and you should get a schedule and list of the auditions and how to enter. And yes you can do it online and in person.

        1. When they want you to meet up with them at the SM building or whatever entertainment that you are asigned to and make a schedule does that mean a person without passport is going to have to get a passport before even auditioning??

      2. Hi Dannah Requina, I am only 14 and I was trainee at JYP.(WAS)I audited when I was 10, they accepted me. But it was really really really hard!!! I weighted for about 27kg then they said “it’s okay” but after 3 years my weight was 45kg they said i need to loose some weight I did loose for about 5-6kg in a month! Every day you practice 7 or 8 clocks. Learn Korean. And the mostly hard thing was dance! I even fainted! But i got out because doctor said i should rest…

        1. So I’m Korean (14) but I moved to Washington when I was two but I want to be a trainee and then debut. I’m pretty good at dancing and my singing is not that good but it’s ok. I’m wondering that if I get accepted in a company will I have to move? I really don’t want to because I know the schools in Korea are very hard. By the way I don’t even know what company to audition for! And I’m very nervous to tell my parents I want to audition because they will not be expecting that. Will someone help me please?

          1. Hello!

            I just wanna help you with your questions 🙂 If you do get accepted into a company then yes, you would have to move to Korea. Usually Companies have dorms for people who are foreign but that doesn’t apply to all companies so If you have Family back in Korea that would be great! If not try auditioning for companies where it is known that they have housing for trainees! Yes, schooling will be hard but If you really want to debut then I believe it will be worth it! Some companies that you can audition for would be SM and JYP which are two really big companies in Korea! DO research on companies and try finding the ones that you think would benefit and help you better! Of course before auditioning for a company look up and research! Not just the good things but the bad sides too and decide if its still worth it for you in the end! I dont know how I could help you with your parents but dont come to conclusions so quickly! I never thought my dad would take my dreams so seriously but he was surprisingly supportive- to the point he would drive me hours away to another state so I could make it to a JYP audition . If youre still scared then if youre of age to send an audition without parents consent send one in and if you get in then you can tell them. The fact that you got through the first audition should be somewhat enough for them to see how determined you are! Good luck with your auditions and work hard!

          2. Ok first of all dont be nervious there are your parents ,that depends on you first of all you can be humble to your show them love and affection allot make them proud about things they will be proud of and maybe some way they might help for you to get voice lessons . if they say no then ask them why and when you hear the reason you can do some thing about it or you can go here it may work good luck when you become a trainee or idol they would be so proud of course hope it works were cheering for you =)

          3. All i want to say is, Go and stand in front of the mirror and see your beauty, See that you can make a difference, See your little minds can make u bloom, See! Find yourself. Speak yourself. Work hard! The hard work wont ever go wasted. You are the next generation of kpop idols. You can do it. Nothing can stop you. You are strong enough to do anything. I have believe in you. You surely can. Lets hope in the future wee will be seeing each other as kpop idol. FIGHTING!!!!!

          4. Se I’ll tell u don’t this is my problem too so just go for an online audition and and if u clear then tell ur parents they would be more than happy they and if they won’t agree just tell them how much u want it tell them how badly I’ve been dreaming for it and tell them how this is the only thing that makes u happy the most they will agree for sure

    1. Same but yet I have to learn the language and it seems difficult and a very long time to debut. And the fact I have to watch my weight is very iffy and the fact there is HW along with this as well. Now Im seeing if I should debut in America or Korea… Because fansignings seems fun and all of the shows there you could be invited on…But it seems easier to debut in America…But Im not sure yet…But this article really helps me what Im getting myself into if I end up becoming a Trainee.

    2. Hello,
      I am a kpop trainee for SM Entertainment for about 3 months now and I will give you some advice:
      They will judge you on your singing and dancing but also on your appearance, weight and height, some entertainments will have a age restriction of 11-21 for trainees.
      As a trainee, you will indeed have a tight schedule, but you will get used to it 🙂
      Also, foreigners can be a kpop star, they just need to know korean and can sing well. If you don’t know korean well, then they will give you lessons during the schedule.
      Warning, some entertainments companies are really strict. If you are a kpop idol, and you don’t make 1 million dollars, there will be no chance of you and your band to last for 5 years.
      I saw that on Sing! Smule (an app) has YG entertainment looking for new kpop stars. The song is We don’t talk anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

    3. You can become a KPOP idol without being Korean, but another thing is to achieve it. Think about it, you train for years, you don’t rest and some of the companies trainers are very harsh. Sometimes, the companies make you train at midnight. Your future is unknown, and you don’t even know if you will debut or not. You have to be good at everything: vocals, visuals, flexibility, rapping, dancing, etc. Becoming an idol isn’t easy, you never know if you will debut or not. But if you’re trying to become one, I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Wow. Being a K-Pop trainee seems really hard, but I’m up for the challenge! 😀 I just hope I won’t have to waste years of my life training and not debuting. 🙁

    1. Me too I’m confident in myself that I can get into this hardships, go through it and be a kpop idol and I know that I can debut all you have to have is fate in yourself that you can do anything cause nothing is impossible and you see even impossible has “I M POSSIBLE” in it and I’m gonna go for Big Hit Entertainment but if not I think YG is a good company too!! ❤❤

  3. I started doing the audition and I’m just waiting for the entertainment I’ve auditioned to e-mail back for the time and location of the real audition. Sometimes, I can’t deny that I’m really doubting to try the audition especially because of the tight schedules and the lack of time for the family and for yourself. But, I just then realized, if it’s what you dream, don’t stop dreaming. Because people with greatest dreams could turn the IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE. A life of a trainee is really hard but after you debut, you’ll feel overwhelmed well, especially because you earned the fame and money because of your hardwork. In addition to this, the smiles of the people who supports you could never be replaced by JUST a money. Just sayin, hahahaha.

    1. I like this . But to anyone who wants to BECOME A KPOP IDOL . I just want to let you know that … I used to be like that too! But it’s going to be difficult! They say work hard will later pay off . So you gotta work hard even if you want to give up. Stay healthy! And also … when you work under the label … you actually have to pay back the company … the money doesn’t really go to you . It goes to the company . Not all Koop idol are rich until you pay off the debt. GOODLUCK TO THE ONE WHO WANT TO BE AN IDOL ! I BELIEVE IN YOU

  4. 안녕하세요I want to be kpop super star but I do not know what to do, please help me because my dream is to vd a kpop star im from Philippines Facebook name reyan hyung wonho

    1. You have to look up a entertainment you want to be with then see if they are having auditions. Some entertainments have online auditions and some have in person auditions. If you are a foreigner, like myself, then you have to look for auditions that are in your area or do an online audition. If you do become a trainee you will have to move to South Korea so you can be with the entertainment company. For me it’s kinda harder to do auditions in person because you could get shy. If you are doing an online audition then all you are doing is sitting or standing in a room by your self looking into a camera. Now understand that you will edventually sing and/or dance in front of them if you do become a trainee.

    2. First , go online and pick which entertainment/ company you want to work with . Then there should be instructions if they are going to have an audition . You can upload videos or do it in person

  5. Would it be possible to self-train? For example, you don’t live in Korea and you want to finish your studies first yet you have been accepted by a company already. Would they send someone to where you are for training or do you have to update them whilst self-training and sending videos of practice monthly?

    1. Nadia unfortunately I don’t know the exact answer to that but I’m pretty sure that they will let you finish you studies, depending on what entertainment you are in, I very much doubt that they will send someone over to do a self training but the best way to know for sure is to email the entertainment and ask them the question

      1. I’m 14 but I live in Washington and I want to be a kpop star but I don’t want to move to Korea because the schools are very hard. I really don’t know what to do because I haven’t auditioned yet and I haven’t even told my parents yet! What do I do?!!

    2. if you are a foreigner they will arrange an international school for you but big companies will afford the cost but for small companies u have to pay ur self

    1. Bigger companies may give you an allowance for food and other necessary items and they will cover your school and living expenses; but you will have to pay them back when you debut. You also have to pay for your plane ticket if you don’t live in Korea.

      1. Well some other says. Tha Company you auditioned to may actually pay it IF you deserve it. I guess. I get that answer from Quora

    2. Not all k-pop stars are rich. A lot of them don’t even have enough money for food; take Topp Dogg for an example. During one of their shows where the toured their dorm the fridge was empty except for a few ketchup packs and A-Tom has to sleep on the couch due to there not being enough space. People seem to think being an idol means you instantly get famous and rich but it’s not true. There are tons and tons of underrated groups that are neither famous nor rich and they’ve worked hard for years yet they have not reached that point yet.

    3. Khee you do get money if you become a kpop idol or star,they are the same thing, but you probably won’t get paid as much as you deserve. But you will get paid money because it is your job. And with your busy schedule as a kpop idol you will not have much time to have a second job.

  6. I really realky want to be in the entertainment industry and i wanna act sing dance and model. I have a relugion whete you aent meant to do any work on Saturdays at all, that wiuid include training. Is this dream still reachable fir me? Also i learn slowly and im not that flexible but thus is my dream. Any tips?

  7. Nadia unfortunately I don’t know the exact answer to that but I’m pretty sure that they will let you finish you studies, depending on what entertainment you are in, I very much doubt that they will send someone over to do a self training but the best way to know for sure is to email the entertainment and ask them the question

  8. Hey guys please try to think about other things

    i was like all of you before ,i wanted to be an idol
    but thats imposible please dont waste your time by thinking about thises kinds of dreams
    please try to make your future by studying and being a useful person in your life

    1. i do not support your statement. If these idols are where they are right now, any of us could be next. DREAM BIG.

    2. then do u mean the one who are idols have wasted there life and time and y is everyone obsessed with studies i know studies are important but why are we forced to take 9 to 5 jobs y can’t we not choose a path which we like and y are u discouraging people everyone knows its difficult to become a kpop trainee but should we run away and kill the dream within ourselves because we are scared to work hard i don’t think so.

    3. Like u say don’t waste ur time but I don’t think that it’s a time wastage every body can not be successful while studying despite of all these comments that I read where they say that it’s just waste i get insecure bout that but then the only thing that comes in my head is I wanna dance I wanna sing and that’s what makes me keep going on

  9. Hi guys ! Actually I’ve been thinking of auditioning this year but i dont know which company should i do Bighit or Yg? Can someone please help?

    1. if u are a guy go for bighit but i think yg is not a good option because it is crumbling to the burning sun scandal which included bigbang seungri but if you are a girl u can try for jyp,sm etc. because bighit doesnot accept females

  10. Be CAREFUL!! There are a couple of STINKO companies out there that don’t support thier future stars and in fact, after debuting, put them on the shelf and forget about them. There are a couple of companies that are hard to work for but they seem to treat thier groups well. There is a vid on the TUBE that kind of talks about it. There are two companies that come to mind but you have to make up your own mind. Look at the popular performing groups and compare the companies they work for… If you are going to jump in, then jump in with a good company, not a sleazy one.

  11. I didn’t expecting all this because I went to S.M. Entertainment Global Audition on Thursday, April 27, 2017. I heard that the top 3 are Strict but I’m not sure if it’s true or not because my Dreams is to become a K-pop idol. I really enjoy Singing and Dancing while Listening to K-pop because I’m a huge fan of K-pop that I would like to participate in their companies and Auditions. I’m a very good at Singing and Dancing (Following others that is dancing in front of me), I’m a fast learner when it comes to Dancing. I’ve been Singing for 9 Yrs and been Dancing for 7 Yrs. I started Singing since I was between Gr. 4-6 and I was in a choir in School, Gr. 7-8 then I started Dancing to K-pop in Gr. 7 or 8 also same day where I started liking K-pop, my First K-pop group was a Boy Group call SHINee and i dance to ‘Ring Ding Dong’ then I started performing a Girl Group call 4minute ‘I My Me Mine’. I met few of S.M. Staffs at the audition and they seem Kind and friendly person to meet. I been Performing on Stage ever since I was between Gr. 4-6, I got Stage Fear but ever since S.M. Global Audition 2017 happen, my Stage Fear went away and i was very proud of myself that i got confident in myself

    1. Em ich mag girl Gruppe Blackpink lisa und sie ist meine Vorbild in Zukunft und wegen das wollte ich immer Sängerin werden und ich will Sängerin werden und dich will mich vor stellen persönlich vor YG ich will das ihr mich Hilfte ein berühmte Sängerin zu werden ist war immer meine Traum Sängerin zu werden seid ich 7 Jahre alt bin und ich mag Südkorea das Essen die Menschen die Art von Südkorea ich bin 12 Jahre alt und niemand hat vertrauen an mich das ich eine Sängerin in Zukunft sein Wert Zucker auch meine Familie aber wenn ich an mich glaube brauche ich auch niemand die an mich glauben sollte ich geb halt meine Traum glauben.

  12. There are never any global auditions where I live, and I’m too poor to go to another country, I love performing so much, especially performing kpop. I speak Korean pretty well and can understand quite a lot, I’m just worry about how I look. do you think they’d except someone who is British? And I weigh 58kg, is that too much to be accepted? I am willing to go on any diet, I’m actually on one right now. I really want to audition but I don’t know if I can because of this.

  13. HEY GUYS ! I hope I helped out with some of your questions . But I also have one for myself … I’m actually 17 … and if … I choose to become a KPOP idol at age 20 … would they let me ? Because my field of studying is actually in the health field . I want to actually study and become a doctor … but I also want to show my talent … and it sucks because I love to sing and practice dancing… and I don’t want to waste my life not be able to show my talents to others . Do you think my schedule will be okay? Because I go to college when I’m 19 or 20 … and idk if is gonna balance my schedule out… /: PLS HELP

    1. Alexis, I just wanted to say that the companies will probably accept you if you’re 20. I think. It really depends on the company. I’m pretty sure that they like younger people, like in the ages of 10-21. So I’m sure that you can audition as a twenty year old, but that’s just me. If you do decide to become a kpop idol, just know I’m cheering for you! I want to become one too, but when I told my family they just teased me and didn’t take me seriously. I’m Korean, and still very young and I’m just stuck in a place where I can’t decide and it’s really hard. I don’t have any real family support so it’s tough to stick with my dream and actually wonder if I can do it. I love that many people have the same dream as me, and I feel a little better that we are all supporting each other even though we don’t know each other personally. It just really makes me happy.

  14. Hi guys!
    I need a serious help!
    I’m so confused these days.I always wanted to be famous not Kpop idol but it’s been few months that i got interested in Kpop and now I wanna be a Kpop idol but I don’t know if that’s possible or not?
    I’m 17 and in 3yrs I’ll be 20 so I’m pretty nervous bcuz I’ve read companies accept trainees between the age of 10-21.
    My singing isn’t that bad but still it’s not so good either but I can dance well.
    Should we sing so professionally to get accepted or is just dancing and acting enough?
    If we audition online we should sing in Korean or is English accepted?? Stupid question I know!
    And if we get accepted in online audition we can enter the company as a trainee??
    Oh God life’s so unfair! Wish I was Korean then it wouldn’t be that hard.I’m trying to forget about my dream of becoming an idol but any time that i listen to Korean songs,my eyes get teary and i feel like crying.I can’t forget about that.I can’t even focus on my studings.if I don’t reach my dream,I don’t know how I’m going to spend the rest of my life

    1. Hi!! I don’t know if this is still your thoughts right now since its been 2 years…? I think if you’ve only been interested in kpop for a few months maybe give it a little more time before you decide you want to become a kpop idol. If you still enjoy kpop now, great! And if you still want to become a kpop idol, I’d say go for it!! And for the auditions, you can choose your area, singing, dancing, rapping, acting or modeling, for most companies it’s your choice which you want to audition for! If you audition online it doesn’t really matter if you sing in Korean or English! If you can’t sing in Korean, sing in English, it’s definitely okay!! And if you can sing in Korean, go ahead!! For all auditions, online or in person, there are always several rounds. If you continue doing online, eventually they will ask for you to meet with someone from the company to decide if they really want you as a trainee. That could be either in Korea or in your country or a country near you, really depends on the company. And why try to forget about your dream when you can work towards it? NOTHING IS TOO LATE GO FOR IT!!!! And if you ever have any more questions definitely feel free to ask me, I’ve been a kpop fan for literally most of my life and I have done a lot of research for the auditions as I hope one day I will finally have the courage to audition! But yeah, hope that helps!!

  15. I am bad at singing and just got 4/10 rate for my dancing skill. i knew that depend on my talents I cant compete with those. but I’m really love this kind of thing so so so much.My family dont like me to become a kpop star because they think that’s useless to become a kpop star yet I’m still trying hard. Every time I go to pagoda I always pray that I can improve my skill faster and faster and become a kpop idol as soon as possible. I wanna say that I really love Kpop so much and i hope one day my good deed,my praying and especaily my hard work can bring me to my goal!:)
    SM is my dream entertainment, I hope u can one day see it and give me a chance.
    I am from Cambodian. I am 17.
    nice to meet u guy and share my feeling….

    1. I think it’s wonderful that you’re working for your dreams! Keep working hard and stay positive! I hope to see you on stage one day! 😀

  16. I hope to be one, but I think I’m too brown for their standards. I am Asian, but my skin is dark. On top of that, I have no talent so my goal seems unreachable.

    1. You would have to train more in singing and find your talent in singing like the different octaves? idk how to explain it. But that’s wonderful that you can rap and dance!

  17. I wish I could be a Kpop idol someday, but the only musical experience I have is playing the piano and flute. I can’t sing, dance or rap very well. But I am a hardworking person 🙁 good luck to the people training!

  18. Oh hey! If u really think ur role in life is preforming in stage and becoming an idol so go and make it true and I think u have to believe ur self and if ur family r not rich that won’t stop u so that GO AND MAKE UR DREAM CAME TRUE ????

  19. I want to become a Kpop Idol I´m not Asian though I am Mexican/American I don´t know what to do I really want to be a Kpop Idol but I don´t know how like how do I get to Korea where will I live where do I have to go stuff like that and I´m only 12 years old I am in Middle School

  20. Hello,I wanna follow my dream but I cant afford to live in Korea and I’m 15…and do you think I could wait till I’m 20 or something to make money first or should I just be a cashier or something like that?Idk…

  21. Hello! Its Wendy here from Red Velvet! I just wanted to share my opinion on this article and I think it was pretty true. My life was very hard when I was a trainee but look at me now! Never give up on your dreams because it looks too hard. Yes, it is VERY hard. When I was a trainee, I just thought of how nice it would be to be famous and how sad it would be to quit. I support anyone who wants to become an Idol!

  22. Hi ,I’m from Cambodia. I’m 17 year old and study grade 11 so when I finish my high school, I want to study in university in korea. So Is it hard for foreigner trainee?

  23. Hi ,I’m from Cambodia. I’m 17 year old and study grade 11 so when I finish my high school, I want to study in university in korea. So Is it hard for foreigner trainee? Please contact me back !!

  24. Honestly, I think BTS has inspired me to become an idol. Even I do well in my studies, the only thing I dreamt is performing on stage. I don’t find myself or imagine myself doing other jobs. Some people may disagree with me because I wear glasses and doesn’t look like the type of person to perform. Being a K-pop idol is a my dream and I know how hard it takes to be one but I’ll do anything to achieve my dream. I’m only 13 and thinking of being an idol or not is pounding in my head. The only problems is, is my family. I’m scared that my family won’t support me since they want me to be like a doctor or a lawyer. But I don’t see myself being one. I’m worried about my future and that I want to do something that makes me happy. Being an idol, makes me happy. I don’t care if is a difficult life, I just want to be one. Please give me advice.

  25. Hye.So,I am Malaysian,but I really want to be kpop idol.Since TWICE is my favourite gg and they really inspired me to be hardworking in my life.But,its become difficult since we dont have enough money to go Korea .Well,I join some money making and I make money in RM14K in month.But,my parent dont give me permission since I was only 13 year old.I am kinda nice in rap,singing and dance but can I get accepted if I not flexible? Since if we want to be idol,we have to be flexible.

    1. I really want to be a kpop idol, I do good at singing,rapping and dancing. I also do good at school. The only thing is that I have scoliosis:<

  26. Seriously I want to be a koop idol plzzz
    I hope I can be Kpop idol because dance n singing is my life plzz help me

  27. Hello.I am a girl from Albania(bet you don’t know where it is lol)it is in front of boots of Italy.I am 19 years old now.But I want to do an online audition at jyp company when I am going to be 22.I am not good at singing and dancing,but I am trying to learn by myself to dance,also I am trying to learn korean language by myself.Also I am pretty not beautiful and short about 1.52 cm. With tan to light skin. I really love to dance and I am really hardworking. Also my family if they would know about this idea they would make fun of me????Will I make it and be accepted?
    I really want to prove my family that I can make it.Please guys give me
    a response.I am very nervous and worried.Is it worthy?Will I make it and be accepted?

  28. I really want to be a Kpop idol. In my life I have never realized what I want to be. Back in elementary, my teachers would ask me what I want to be and I would say that I want to be a doctor but I wasn’t sure at all. I felt like I was just forcing my self to become a doctor cause my parents would always say that I need to be one so that I could live a nice life. I never had the passion to be a doctor. I think I was just forcing myself to like it cause all of my friends wanted that ambition and I would just follow them. When I sing with my friends they would compliment and tell me that I really have a good voice and they said that I could join an audition but I didn’t take those words seriously. Maybe I just didn’t understand anything in my life yet. And when I turned 14 I discovered so many things. There were so many options…but my religion kind of stopped me from dreaming to be a Kpop idol. And I don’t think my parents would like it. They really want me to be a doctor but I don’t have the passion in it. Right now I just want to be where I want to be and that is to be a kpop idol.
    I really don’t know what to do. My mind is so mixed up, should I tell my parents? or just avoid this dream and move on.
    I know it’s hard to be an idol but at least I could try and do my best with all my strength and with all my heart.
    Please give me advices.

    1. I also want to say that my part are really faithful Christians and I just hope that they would support my decisions. I know that we don’t really have that much money. We are neither rich or poor, let’s just say we’re contented.

  29. Hello.I am a girl19 years old and when I am going to audition I will be 22years old.As a kid I always have liked technology and playing with toys like dolls, batteries, wires, (lol):)etc.I have always fixed my electronic toys and I always loved technology,as it shows that I’m styding for technology in college.But I also love music and dance,I know that I am made for something big in my life.I have felt it since I was a kid,I have dreamed it since little.I am not good at singing and dancing but I am learning how to dance by myself and learning the korean language also by myself.I am pretty and skin tan to light,height 1,52cm .Can you please give me a thought If I can make it and have the qualities to do it?I am a little anxious!:(.Thank you:)

  30. Hi My Name’s Stephanie And I’m Almost Thirteen I Want To Be A K pop Idol But I Live In Nigeria And I Will Only Be Allowed To Do What I Want By Eighteen And It’ll Be Hard To Travel To Seoul From Here And My Parents Don’t Know So How Do I Go About I Keep Thinking About Cost And The Audition And The Company And The Training And It’s Actually Alot I Can’t Stop Thinking About Please Can You Give Me Some Advice

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