Week 4, Submission 7

“Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive” is a quote written by Jen Silensky. This creates a question, “well, how is this statement true?” Literacy can be considered largely important in the world. This importance derives from the various types of literacy that go beyond just reading and writing. Literacy includes… Continue reading Week 4, Submission 7

Week 3, Submission 6

I find that my literacy history compares mostly to Raymond Branch. Like Branch, I was born into a working class family and able to go straight to a university without a worry. I had all of the proper teaching of literacies without needing to teach myself only but so much of literacy. Ever since I… Continue reading Week 3, Submission 6

Week 3, Bullet notes

Literacies, literate notes -Literacy is ever changing and evolving -Religious literacy -Carol White -Business literacy -Sarah Steele -Literacy can be hard for some to learn based off of backgrounds -Cultures, money, parents’ jobs -Sponsorship can come from anyone -A boss or an employee -Literacy can be reappropriated -To fit a career -Literacy sponsorship can be… Continue reading Week 3, Bullet notes

1.11 & 1.12, p. 21

I remember learning public speaking my senior year of high school. I knew how to do it from previous grades but I felt like this class expected more out of me. I had to consume a lot of my time practicing in front of many different people to get more adjusted to being comfortable. The… Continue reading 1.11 & 1.12, p. 21

1.8, p. 17

I write in texts most of the time. Texting is convenient for when I am communicating with my friends and parents. I use writing to create notes in my phone and on my planner to remember things for myself. I write short stories, poems, and journals to put my feelings into words. These also are… Continue reading 1.8, p. 17

1.4, p.12

Reading and writing has been difficult for me in the past. I struggled with retaining the information that I read which then led to difficulty of putting that information into an essay. I enjoy reading pleasure books because they catch my interest. Speaking is easy when it is not in front of a huge crowd… Continue reading 1.4, p.12

1.2 p. 11

A difficult writing piece was my final UNIV 112 essay. It was about my writing and research process. I never have had to think this way and conduct research and write about how I went about it. I had to come up with my own way of thinking and organize my process of it. I… Continue reading 1.2 p. 11

Week One Submission Two

Dear Professor Hall, My name is Emily Flammia. I have experienced many different forms of writing growing up. To begin, informal writing comes very easily to me as I have grown up around technology and texting my friends. I find informal writing to be one of the easiest forms for me as it is short… Continue reading Week One Submission Two

Week One Submission One

1. Key Terms Voice Transfer Conceptions Constructs Situated Contingent Genres Threshold concepts I think that constructs, situated, and contingent are important key terms in chapter 1. Constructs are what build the paper for a writer. They also give way as a claim for the reader to follow along with. Constructs can evolve and be manipulated… Continue reading Week One Submission One