I am a very sleepy person. From as long ago as I can remember, I was always that friend who fell asleep at 8pm at a sleepover. I remember always getting into fights with my friends over the fact that I was tired and they were annoyed with me or accused me of being rude.… Read More

I opened my eyes, laying in bed drenched in sweat. Disoriented and confused, I had the urge to go find my parents. Whats wrong with me? Why can’t I walk straight? I walked out of my room into the hallway. One step at a time, I thought. One foot in front of the other. The… Read More

One of my favorite memories regarding great food in my life would have to be Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmothers house. My mom, my dad, my two sisters, my brother and I would all pack into the minivan at around noon to make the 45 minute trek to the small town of West Point, Virginia.… Read More