Stereotypes in food and gender are no thing of the past. I mean, everyone knows that men are responsible for making the money, fixing things and being tough and strong, while women are delicate and should really only stick to cooking, cleaning, and raising the kids, right? Unfortunately, this idea is believed by many and… Read More

Women in the kitchen are usually shown as being happy and loving housewives to the nuclear family. They seem to love the work that they are doing and are enjoying the caring for their family. Cooking is fun and effortless, with almost no problems, and the cleanup is fast. ¬†Women are portrayed as loving the… Read More

Housework and Housewives in American Advertising Married to the Mop by: Jessamyn Neuhaus advertising persistently utilizes highly idealized images of housewives enjoying ease and convenience of modern food still devoting themselves to the well being of their families reaffirming domestic gender norms food advertising framed the work of food preparation solely as a female labor… Read More

I chose to read The Appetite as Voice by Joan Jacobs Brumberg. This article, while very interesting to read, does not correlate exactly with my topic. This pice of writing is focusing more on the appetite of women and how food and women are related in that sense, while I am discussing more of the… Read More

Initially after opening the video, I was shocked, and almost weirded out by what was going on. There were just bodies touching and distorted video and strange noises. I almost was wondering if I was watching some sort of weird cult video. Once I got over the initial confusion of the video, I kind of… Read More

After reading Carol Adams’¬†The Sexual Politics of Meat, I really felt as if I had a better understanding of the way our culture views women as meat. I always known that men view women as meat, I mean that is a saying that women use all the time, “I’m not just a piece of meat”.… Read More