Housework and Housewives in American Advertising

Married to the Mop

by: Jessamyn Neuhaus

  • advertising persistently utilizes highly idealized images of housewives enjoying ease and convenience of modern food
  • still devoting themselves to the well being of their families
  • reaffirming domestic gender norms
  • food advertising framed the work of food preparation solely as a female labor of love
  • emphasized how food products would transform cooking into caring
  • kitchen is a place of drudgery
  • labor of dishwashing robs the housewife of time and good spirits
  • dish soap ads promised easy and fast cleanup without damaging delicate hands
  • emphasized the way that shiny clean dishes reflected the housewives care for her home
  • ads progressed but the message was the same, housewife mom almost always made dinner and almost always did the dishes
  • turning mundane tasks into loving homemaking

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