• whole grain oats
  • enriched flour
  • whole wheat flour
  • vegetable oil
  • soluble corn fiber
  • calcium carbonate (main component in shells of marine animals)
  • dextrose (sugar)
  • fructose (sugar)
  • cellulose (mainly used to produce paper)
  • potassium bicarbonate (fungicide, neutralizes acid, used in fire extinguishers)
  • soy lecithin (emulsifier)
  • niacin amide (vitamin supplement, used to treat acne)
  • carrageenan (extracted from red seaweed, thickener and emulsifier)
  • reduced iron
  • guar gum (made from guar beans, thickening agent,
  • corn syrup
  • corn starch
  • citric acid (used in cleaning agents and cosmetics)
  • dicalcium phosphate (dietary supplement, used in toothpaste, used in products that eliminate body odor)
  • methylcellulose (thickener, NOT digestible- treatment of constipation, lubricant)
  • malic acid (sour taste, can cause irritation in mouth)


I was honestly shocked when I read the last of ingredients for these bars. I have been eating them since I was little and I had no idea there were so many strange ingredients. The one that shocked me the most as the methyl cellulose because it isn’t digestible. Why would they put that in food products?! There were so many ingredients in the list which sole purpose was just “food additive” or “thickener” which made me question the necessity of some of them. I also was surprised with the fact that some of the ingredients, such as cellulose and potassium bicarbonate, main purpose wasn’t even for food use!! Looking at this makes me question what I have been putting into my body for the last 19 years. I think the hardest part about reading the list of ingredients was realizing that most of the ingredients were chemical compounds, and weird products of chemical reactions, and weren’t natural food items. I don’t know how to tell if these chemical compounds are healthy or not, but it definitely would be interesting to research.

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