Throughout the semester I have really enjoyed this class. I have read things I never would have read, learned things I never thought I could learn, and discussed and thought about things I never would have thought about. I learned a lot about the food industry, and how not everything is exactly how it seems, and I really should do more research about the food I’m putting into my body. Just because something says “No GMO’s” doesn’t mean its completely healthy. It could have antibiotics or could have come from a farm that has horrible living conditions for the animals. My favorite part of this class was the food and gender unit. I am really interested in feminism so being able to discuss feminism surrounding food was a really cool angle that I never would have normally thought about. I never realized that a lot of food is gendered, whether its obvious or not, and I especially enjoyed the readings assigned during this unit. I really enjoyed the critical thinking aspect of this class, and even though I really do not enjoy writing in general, I did enjoy writing about the topics in this class. The assignments were always very interesting to me and therefore I found it easy to write about. I thought the entire semester was actually very interesting and I loved the in class discussions. I am not normally a huge public speaker and I tend to stay quiet in most classes, but for some reason I really felt compelled to join in on the class discussions, and it was actually really fun! I loved the environment the classroom gave and I really felt as if I could voice my opinions without being judged or ridiculed. The discussions were mostly lighthearted and fun, but also extremely informative. I love how a huge part of the class was actually hearing the students personal stories and opinions, and not just hearing from scholars or professionals. I loved that we were able to put our own input into the class, it felt very cool to be able to be a part of the class in such a new way. ┬áProfessor Boaz was one of the best professors I’ve had, and probably one of my favorites. She really engaged the class in interesting and relevant subjects and encouraged us to ask questions and do research. I am really going to miss this class, especially my class mates. I am really glad I took this class, and I feel as if I gained valuable information that will be relevant for the rest of my life. So long Food For Thought, you will be greatly missed.

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