Blog 5: Nurse’s Role Requirements and Expectations Reflection

Standard 12 Education: Registered nurses play a major role in healthcare. To be able to provide quality care in our ever-changing and challenging healthcare system, nurses are expected to be competent. Education is a major factor in nursing practice as knowledge and qualification can only be achieved through education. This will enable nurses to perform their roles competently. Besides nursing school, it is nurse’s responsibility to keep updating themselves through training, continuing education, and certifications. In addition to the broad knowledge acquired from education, it also helps with license protection since we can proficiently discern the do’s and don’t in nursing. Education equips nurses with the skills needed to practice competently delivering safe and quality care to clients which is a major role and responsibility in nursing.

Standard 9 Communication: Communication is important in coordinating patient care. It is required for an effective nurse-patient relationship. Sometimes, therapeutic communication helps the mental status of a client which can promote recovery from an illness. Another example is when effective communication helps nurses understand the needs of clients. Through communication, the needs are sometimes made known to other team members for more deliberations on the best care required for a certain client. Communication is necessary for successful teamwork in which nurses are involved to ensure quality care. Another importance of communication is the avoidance of errors. Errors and risks are avoided. For example, if a care partner notices that a confused patient is climbing out of bed to use the bathroom, and it is communicated to the nurse, appropriate measures will be put in place to prevent the patient from falling and sustaining injuries. These measures could include assisting the patient to the bathroom at a certain scheduled time thereby reducing fall risk while the patient is under our care.

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