Aligning NURS 308 with Program outcomes & Standards

NURS 308 is titled foundation of Professional Nursing II that is focused on a lot of topics. One objective it focuses on is the use and application of standards, the Nurse Practice Act, and Regulation. This helps improve the judgments that guide nursing practice. With this knowledge, nurses are in a better position to protect their licenses as well as providing quality care for patients.

Assignment: Model of Professional Nursing Practice applied to Troy’s: The practice model reflects how nurses apply the standards, scope of practice, Nurse Practice Act and regulations towards achieving safe and quality patient care. The evidence-based practice in conjunction with standard 9-communication and standard 10-collaboration goes a long way in achieving positive patient outcomes. (Essential III & Essential VI)

Assignment: Clinical Issue Concept Map 308 pdf: This assignment reflects the use of the evidence-based practice to solve a clinical issue on Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection-CAUTI (Essential III). When nurses take on the role of change agents, they could also apply an evidence-based practice as this helps in optimizing patients’ health outcomes which is another major objective of NURS 308.

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