End of NURS 308 Reflection Post

This course has given me a more in-depth knowledge of the applications and importance of essentials and standards in nursing practice. In NURS 308 I was able to relate the standards more to nursing practice. I knew we had to learn both the essential and the standards but didn’t know that they were already aligned under the different objectives of this course. I do feel I have acquired a lot of knowledge in this course as it exposed me to the different areas of nursing. Some of the areas include those proposed by the American Nurses Association while some focused on the major responsibilities of nurses such as ways to resolve clinical issues, and the use of the evidence-based practice. It is interesting to know the nine essentials, the seventeen standards of professional nursing practice, and be able to discern where, why and how each concept relates to nursing practice. This course also exposed me to the model of Professional Nursing Practice Regulation. Although the components of the model appear inter-related each has its own distinct meaning and relates differently to nursing practice. Understanding the model and the objectives of this course, have helped emphasize the important steps on how to achieve a major nurse’s role which is the delivery of safe and quality patient care.

Author: florence

I am in the RN to BS program through the SVCC-VCU co-enrollment program. I am excited as I am learning a lot about the Nursing Profession

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