Week One Reflection

Although it comes quite late, better late than never I always say (I am often late due to over-scheduling). I am impressed that I managed to balance my other two summer classes that are ending this week and the blog as well as I did at the beginning, but began to run out of steam by the end of the week. However, I believe excuses are for losers and plan to be fully caught up by the end of tomorrow. I enjoy reading the articles and the blog posting, however my tendency to ignore social media in my normal life has affected my participation on Twitter. As far as the Inquiry Project, I have not narrowed any ideas yet but I am brainstorming constantly. I think everyone’s point of views in responses to my blog and original postings will help me narrow down ideas naturally.

P.s. My twitter name is @waldend200 if you are interested in following me. I plan to use it more.

3 thoughts on “Week One Reflection”

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