Concept Experience #2

This concept is actually very difficult for me. I have never been able to grasp simple concepts because I over think them by my very nature. I have probably spent over 4 hours all together trying to point of the obvious, going so far as to ask help from friends to help me create a list. My friends all found the pointing out the obvious part very easy and were quite amused at my genuine inability to grasp the concept. The only thing that I was able to come up with was, ‘I cannot point out the obvious.’

My list composed by friends, which I refused to use because I am stubborn and wanted to figure out how to do it, included gems like, dirt is dirty,  rees have leaves, cars with no A/C in the summer in Richmond are hot, The Earth is big to a human, The Earth is small to the Sun, 3 is less than 5, and one is the loneliest number.

While watching The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, because I own the first two seasons and love 90’s nostalgia, I turn to my friend and say “Why are they called power rangers, they aren’t even rangers?! Look at them!” She laughed and told me that was pointing out the obvious. And thus my concept trial was born.

Power Rangers are not Rangers.

Why are Power Rangers not Rangers?

Well,  first what is a Power Ranger?

A power ranger is by the show’s definition a teenager with attitude, then being selected by the ancient space wizard Zordon’s assistant Alpha 5 to battle Rita Repulsa, and other space menaces bent on conquering Earth. They are granted with the power of prehistoric animals, although over the years, they draw power from other powerful things in history like samurais. These powers grant them superpowers to fight evil.

What is a ranger?

Ranger, while there are many definitions to ranger, the most relevant one is a person who has jurisdictions and control over a certain area and is supposed to enforce the rules and protect the life in that area. The most popular example is a park ranger.

So what I basically learned is that although power rangers are superheros in spandex suits and helmets, fighting an evil alien empress to protect earth, they are basically rangers, but their jurisdiction is Earth. This is why they are rangers. They also do promote a lot of recycling and taking care of the Earth. The name is completely justified.

14 thoughts on “Concept Experience #2”

  1. Have you ever watched the Japanese show that Power Rangers is edited together out of? I believe its called Super Sentei but i have not actually watched it so i am not sure if that’s accurate.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised with your topic of discussion.When I first started reading I completely understood everything you were saying and then you re-directed your focus on power rangers. When the shift from concepts to power rangers began I thought I was going to get lost in the reading. My results were far from lost, I actually appreciated how you took something so simple as a power ranger and put meaning behind it.

  3. Power Rangers! I like that it took you going to your nostalgic happy place from childhood to grasp the idea of pointing out the obvious. To be honest, I had wondered the same thing while my little brother sat and watched for hours. So thank you for justifying the name!

  4. From a person being not interested in power rangers, I thought your blog was pretty interesting. I was pretty intrigued by the knowledge I just gained! Reading this has kind of got me interested in it!

  5. I’ve never really watched much power rangers, so to me your questions weren’t simple. But that is very cool because this exercise allows us to see what other people find simplistic and that may not necessarily be the same for me. So it’s a neat way to gauge everyone’s personality.

  6. I am also not someone that was particularly interested in Power Rangers as a kid, but your post was great. I think it helps give perspective on what is obvious. The obvious is so extremely different from one person to the next, including what your friends thought was obvious really helped to emphasize that point.

  7. Wow, just seeing the words “Power Rangers” bring back so many memories of my childhood. I never thought of the Power Rangers in this manner and it was very interesting to read it. It also allowed me to think more about all the different type of Power Rangers’ shows that were produced and I feel that they all fall within the same idea.

  8. I love how you chose something that made you happy to do your post on. I find that the more I like the subject, the better I am at writing about it. I hope we have more assignments like this, I feel like with open topics we all create much better nuggets!

  9. The creativity of your topic shows exactly how people can learn through parts of the internet. You exceptionally explained the elements of what seems to be an obvious statement, through an example that everyone could relate to. I followed your post easily and paid attention because of the creative writing. I enjoy assignments like these because people can be imaginative in their writing.

  10. This is probably one of my favorite blog posts so far. I enjoyed reading your descriptive account of coming up with an “obvious question.” It’s also very cool that your friends inspired you to understand why “Power Rangers” are called “Power Rangers” by just breaking it down to an obvious question.

  11. I used to love the power rangers show!! I never really questioned the name though, i just accepted it along with all the other superhero names and figured it was just meant to sound cool!! But that’s really interesting! Normally when i hear the word ranger, i think of park rangers, but i always thought they were just guides. It was one of those words that i had a good enough understanding of, but don’t really know the actual definition of it.

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