Concept Experience #3 Reflection

This was a challenging assignment that required stepping out of the realm of what most classes teach us and trying a new concept all together. Without being able to alter the sentences, putting these into a paragraph that others could comprehend and giving them meaning was like a puzzle. I was initially apprehensive about how it would turn out, especially after reading Anisa’s, which seemed to connect perfectly and sound borderline philosophical. When reading that particular post, I wondered what she had done differently than me.

Bernier’s concept experience seemed to be a reflection of her views from the beginning of class and also flowed so naturally it was as if her opinion had just been reinforced over the course of this class as we’ve had to try different concepts and think so abstractly about the future of humans and machines collectively.

Reading through Anonymous Octopus’s concept experience, made me think of a science fiction movie, with a scientist going over his notes, while doing a monologue. For some reason I could see this being the dialogue right before the scientist’s great epiphany. It made me feel like he has the secret to the future of technology and augmenting human intellect in his mind and if I read the highlighted links, I could know the secret as well. So I found it very persuasive.

Almahmouda used a style for their concept experience that I would have never been able to imagine prior to seeing it, which captivated me from the beginning. Upon reading through the article, I saw the growth from the beginning of the class to the point we are at now, where the realities of technology improvement seem like a forgone conclusion. In comparison, almahmouda was a skeptic of thought vectors at the beginning of the class. I feel this concept experience encompasses what many felt at the start of this experience.

Melikazand seemed to be looking at the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, but what really grabbed me is how we ae trained to believe our random associations may be wrong or inappropriate when, they are just our random thoughts. This made me think about a quote that is something like, everyone is smart but if you spend years judging a fish by how well it can fly, it will grow up believing it is stupid. We should encourage these associations, explore them, and see what innovations can be created by thinking differently.

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