Inquiry Project Proposal #1

I am leaning towards the subject of technology interaction. It is a vague pool of sub-subjects that will allow me to connect different associations under one well defined dimension. I want to focus on the beginnings of human interaction with technology, and segway to areas such as technology interactions in television (Remotes, interactive guides, on-demand, High Definition), movies (3-D, 4-D, Imax sound), Video Games (A.I., Virtual Reality, Online Gameplay, Downloadable Content), mass media and the advertising industry (ads, adware, commercials, using search information to provide more accurate ads), and examine the effects, positive or negative, that they have on humans. The inquiry would be heavily focused on the results as they are relevant to augmenting human intellect, or at the very least how they affect the relationship between man and machine.

This is my most complete brainstorm pertaining to the inquiry Project. I’m interested in what I would find, but I am not sure if my subject is too broad or even interesting to anyone else, so I ask for feedback!

4 thoughts on “Inquiry Project Proposal #1”

  1. Lots of interesting topics there, and my guess it is too many and too diverse for a focused inquiry project to be done with at the end of the month.

    My suggestion is that you either focus on a technological area such as remotes, game controllers, mice, etc as extensions of human hand/brain actions; or focus on a media issue such as advertising placement in social media, search engines, and websites.

    Personally, I find both very interesting, and think they would make great areas to research. The advertising is hot with right now because I am constantly seeing ads for a particular maker of iPhone cases and a particular camera Wi-Fi device, because I recently did some serious searching for these things. Though I opted to not make a purchase, they now follow me around wherever I go in concept space.

  2. Hey I am in another class and my research topic seems similar to mine. Although you have not locked down on a specific topic, at least you have found the general area you want to focus on. My topic has to deal with a human/ technology interaction. It has to do with 3-D printing human organs! Check my blog out and tweet me @gerellTV.

  3. Sounds like many great ideas! However, as stated before, those are probably too many ideas to be connected seamlessly, so definitely narrow the spectrum. The only other advice I have, which was given to me by a past English professor, is to make sure that you explain why your argument is relevant to people’s daily lives, i.e. why it matters. That particular piece of advice has helped my writing improve significantly, hopefully it will help you as well.

  4. (Kind of irrelevant) But I love your header picture! Also, I think the idea is great, the beginnings of human interaction with technology versus the many discussions of human interaction with technology today. Does seem like it might be a bit broad though. Best of luck!

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