Inquiry Proposal #2

While I still have multiple ideas and possibilities, I’m letting them develop as naturally as possible so this is what my most complete proposal looks like.

Area of Inquiry

My subject is still based on technology interaction. When industrialization first began to happen in the world, I’m sure very few realized how important technology would grow to be. The media has become interlocked with the wealth of technology through the internet and the way we use classic technologies became vastly different. What I truly want to know is what guides the evolution of these media technologies in the ways we interact with them. For example, we now need virus protection software on our phones or our phones are at risk. What drives the innovations in cell phones, from the huge brick-like phones, to the sleek, high speed, wifi enabled, 4G LTE network speed, computer/mp3 player/telephone we have now. What purpose does this innovation have as far as augmenting human intellect?

Direction of Inquiry

Sub categories of technology interactions in television (Remotes, interactive guides, on-demand, High Definition), movies (3-D, 4-D, Imax sound), Video Games (A.I., Virtual Reality, Online Gameplay, Downloadable Content), mass media and the advertising industry (ads, adware, commercials, using search information to provide more accurate ads). What goal were the inventors trying to achieve when these upgrades were created.

Concept Web Space

I would like to examine the effects, positive or negative, that the innovations and upgrades in technology interactivity have on humans. The inquiry would be heavily focused on the results as they are relevant to augmenting human intellect, or at the very least how they affect the relationship between machine and human. This could be illustrated through various video clips and pictures to illustrate my points as I have been doing in my nuggets.

4 thoughts on “Inquiry Proposal #2”

  1. Your topic seems quite interesting. Wherever we go, whatever we see now days everything is somehow linked with technology. I would be excited to see your full research on this topic. Best of luck

  2. You can enhance the interaction with your readers a little more; perhaps an anecdote, which offers a bridge between your life experiences with technology and the reader, can serve you well. Also, maybe addressing the reader in your IBP can enhance interaction. Nonetheless, I am VERY excited to read your IBP; the topic of technology continues to fascinate me. Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  3. This topic seems very broad! I think it would be beneficial to pick a specific example or a few specific examples of human technology interfaces and focus on those.

  4. Hello Flyzilla!

    I agree with the above comments, but I can’t help but share a couple of nuggets you might find interesting…

    First, Cornell puts out these amazing short videos of “World Made of Glass” that demonstrate how AR and other technologies might be used in the future – is a pretty groovy way to spend five minutes.

    The second is Clay Shirky – He loves to discuss the basics of how networking and media is changing the way we think, and how things have evolved over time. He writes really easy-to-read books, but he also is a serial Ted Talker…just go to you tube and type in “Clay Shirky.” I was going to pick a link out but they are all good so…

    Anyhow, best of luck!

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