Just a Nugget about Technology and Socialization

Hi all, I’m going to post 2 post in quick succession. I have had no internet access for a week so I have been reading articles, researching and taking notes on my phone, and then typing them up into Microsoft word. I apologize for my absence, but am excited to share the post I have created since I have been missing in action

Nugget 7/07

Freshman Natasha Roth cannot go long without checking her iPhone.

It’s her alarm clock in the morning, her way of talking to friends before class, her source of music at the Rec and her news provider at night through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“It’s just a habit,” Roth said, who checked her phone during an interview with The BG News. “I’ll pull my phone out while talking and my dad’s like ‘You’re always on your phone.’”

Though she considers herself a social person, Roth said her phone use may keep her from socializing more in college, especially in her classes.”


This excerpt is from an article I encountered while researching that focuses on the positive and negative effects that technology immersion is having on millennials, the generation who has been most exposed to the digital revolution. This is actually the opening sentence. I picked it because very quickly, it highlights how much an average young person uses technology and also how many gadgets are packed into our technology. The emphasis of my nugget is on pointing out the difference the digital revolution has made.


Natasha uses her iPhone as an alarm clock, a phone, an instant messenger device, a music player, and her news provider. Her cell phone, no bigger than a Nintendo Gameboy, serves all those functions and more, while being able to fit in her pocket.


To drive the point home, this is the form all those appliances and services took circa 1995.


Imagine carrying all of that stuff with you everytime you wanted or “needed” to use a service.


I will address this article more later in the week, to discuss it in its entirety, but I feel like the level of technology has had a desensitizing effect on our lifestyle. Having all these things at your fingertips has made life easier, but also makes us more impatient, and lazier. I feel as it has also effected the mind by making us think life is supposed to be easier. Maybe, on a subconscious level, most minds associate big with clunky, and inconvenient, and small is associated with convenient, fast, and cutting edge. When you have all the things pictured above, in a package this small, it makes a bit of sense that your perception of the world might be different

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