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I wrote on an excerpt from this article earlier. The main focus is the idea that technology is having an effect on socialization. While the article begins describing freshman girl Natasha Roth’s, dependency on her iPhone, it also compares the rise of social media popularity, specifically through mobile phone use, to the rise of the transistor radio because of its focus on communication.

Roth says she felt disconnected when she was without her phone, stating that even though she was near her friends, not being able to check social media like twitter made her feel as if she was missing out on life and out of the loop.

The fear is that technology could be blurring the line between interpersonal communication, which is communication between people, and mediated communication, which is communication through some sort of medium i.e. a text or an email. Interpersonal communication, like most face to face forms of communication, is done more so by nonverbal cues that verbal actions. Though the actual amount varies from sources, it is generally agreed that as much as 60% of your message’s meaning is displayed through nonverbal communication. This makes interpersonal communication a personal type of communication.

Mediated communication is not personal at all. We see this all the time through youtube comments, and the show Catfish on MTV. The internet especially, is full of people pretending to be others, fake information, and millions of detached, non-empathic receivers to every message sent. This impersonal connection is how more and more choose to engage in rather than face to face. The next part of my research will be to find out what that means for us as a society.

Inquiry Report 7/11

This week, my inquiry project definitely started to develop into a coherent idea with a clear path of progress. As I read more articles, and see the difference each evolution of technology is having on society, I find more association trails for my project. In my head I can imagine the concept space that my inquiry project resides in.

I took in some comments that helped me develop my ideas, and would like to thank my classmates for sharing what interested you about my topics. I’m excited for sharing my final project with you.

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