Meta Medium Mumblings (Concept Experience #5)

In my post about the technology and communication, I spent a lot of time researching. I found my article on my cell phone initially and took some notes on my notepad app. I took screenshots of important paragraphs so I could reference the paragraph in my notes, and all of this was stored in the 32 gigabyte memory of my phone. Using blue-tooth, my phone wirelessly transmitted my files to my laptop so that I could form the blog into a coherent thought. I discussed in the the post before, how a modern day cell phone (Iphone) is a Dynabook in concept. Well this post was living proof to back up that assertion.

In Inquiry Proposal #1 and #2, I used a format to organize and explain the abstract thoughts that my brainstorms had produce about a research project. The format was sent to me in the form of a website. Millions of people actively have access to the same page that gave me instructions on how to compose those post. This shows the multi-layered nature of the internet as it is in collaboration with my personal network of computing. In contrast to my personal level of computing, which transmits my personal files from one of my personal technologies to another, this level is the world wide level, where the internet and countless senders and receivers are involved. Hundreds of others could have used the same general format for my post, and the very nature of posting on a blog is sending information into the world.

The final post that I would like to discuss is my concept experience #3 reflection. The concept experience in itself used old ideas and thoughts to create a new thought. It combined all the previous concept webs into a superweb of sorts. However, the reflection pushed the metamedium connection one step further. It then required us to interpret and reflect on not only our new concept super web, but our classmates as well. To see the different types of concepts created and offering our reflection combined our personal network with out classmates. I feel that this shows a different dimension of the computing experience, the chances for connectivity.

In short, I feel as if these post, best highlight the work done in this concept space as it pertains to a meta medium and the idea of a dynabook.

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