Ultra Rich Environment Reflection

It was brought to my attention that I never posted a reflection on the ultra rich environment assignment. I spent days trying different themes, and designs for my site. I first tried a typical website layout, however, I did not feel as if it helped bring attention to the content on my page. I flipped through other variations of the Twenty-Fourteen blog theme, in an attempt to keep the site focused on my post. Most of the page designs, I decided I liked had already been utilized and in an attempt I decided that my decorated simple blog style was perfect for me. I created a tagline, and then took my header photo and made it my header picture on my twitter as to create a connection to link the two further. I added a login screen to the side in case someone clicked a link on my twitter and needed to sign in. The last thing I did was to add a picture of myself. I feel like posting a picture makes you a person with an opinion as opposed to a webpage in the abyss of the internet. Although my changes were not really cosmetic, I thought adding the login screen and a calender make the blog more inviting, as does the picture.

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