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Innovation Vs. Communication: The Flyzilla Perspective trailer (Inquiry Summary)

What does the future of technology hold? What does the innovation of technology mean to us, as individuals and as a society? The answer to that question is different depending on who you ask.  Some see only the boundless possibility the development of new technologies and how much we can fit into smaller devices every year, others look at what is lost when new technologies become so portable and massively consumed.

One big thing that science has revealed, is that technology and being so plugged in has had a negative effect on various skills and abilities from the ability to focus, to the ability to actively listen, and even the ability to empathize. A commonality among all of these skills and abilities is they would be grouped in a category of intelligence called emotional intelligence. There are studies that link high emotional intelligence to success. Basically, in pool full of equally qualified candidates, who is most likely gets the job or promotion? The person with the highest emotional intelligence.

When you consider the negative effect of certain technologies, most specifically the cell phone, in terms of their effect on emotional intelligence, especially in the modern day job market that is the most competitive it has ever been, the innovation of technology doesn’t seem as positive. However, when you look at the great things we accomplish because we augment our skills with the level of technology, it seems fabulous. Which one of these sides should we be more focused on, the positive or the negative?

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