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How I Feel When I Think

How do I feel when I think? This question amuses me because when the question is asked I begin to think of an answer, which makes me wonder if this is how I always feel when I think? There are so many types of thought that I have that one feeling seems much to small to express the gamut of emotions thought can provoke. With one single thought, my mind is attacked. A whirlwind of both related and unrelated thoughts flood my brain in response to the emotions coerced by the thoughts, with each resolved thought leading to another. It’s as if I am falling in a bottomless pit of my own questions and thoughts, sometimes a very dark place. But just as suddenly as the whirlwind threw me into the abyss, I stop falling, because the answers in my brain help me find my way out of the abyss and to the path that leads me to my resolved thought or answer. As my eyes light with excitement, I know this feeling of a resolved thought by one word. Epiphany!

The whirlwind of thoughts in my mind. The colors represent the emotions of each thought
The never-ending abyss of thoughts I am thrown into.