This week, on Tuesday, we will be setting you your blogs in class. You can get a head start by going to blogging resources and clicking on the sub-menu–Directions for Subscribing to the Course Site.
University Academic Advising puts together current first-year students during the spring semester to get them ready for sophomore year. We call the three-part series “Ready, Set, Go.” “Ready” is the kickoff event, which is a mini-Resource Fair for first-year students as they prepare housing, financial aid and other plans for their sophomore year. “Ready” will […]
Become a mentor for new 1st Gen college students at VCU. This program is geared toward helping upper-level students succeed and find community as much as it is to help first-year students transition. Accepted mentors will train for six weeks after spring break (one hour per week), connect with their mentees during the summer, and […]
As part of your work for Unit 2 and Unit 3, you will be required to attend (sign in on the sign in sheet) and blog about 1 Dreamland event for a class participation and daily writing grade.  You may attend and blog about more than one event to remove a 0 daily writing or class participation grade (1 zero will be […]
Attend this event and write a blog post about it to replace a low daily writing or class participation grade.  Our Common Book events will culminate with Bryan Stevenson’s talk on April 12, but before then, we have one more Common Book event for this school year:  “Tapping the Well: Community Informed Study, Memorialization & […]
Pairs to discuss topics. Interview your partner about his or her topic. Your mission is: to determine if this topic arises from genuine interest and curiosity to determine if the topic is researchable with credible scholarly and/or substantive research sources determine if this topic is an argument in disguise (i.e. your partner is trying to […]
What was your response to the TED talk I asked you to watch? How does Stevens think about questions? about curiosity? about his audience? Why do you think I wanted you to watch Stevens’ TED talk? What would Wallace’s essay about the MLF have been like if he lacked curiosity? What would Wallace’s essay about […]
Attend or participate in one of these events, write a blog post describing and responding to it and replace a low daily writing or class participation grade.  Just send me an email with a link to the blog post. 1)   This Thursday  ( Feb 9) at   5:30 pm  in Academic Learning Commons (MCALC) 1107, a screening […]
And What About the Police? An Informal Q & A with VCU Police Chief Venuti Many are wondering how law enforcement, and the public’s view of the police, might respond and change after our recent local and national elections. Will the focus on police brutality shift? What will the role of local police departments be? […]
On Tuesday, Oct 18, 5:30-7:30 pm, in Harris Hall Auditorium, we will be screening “Meet Me in the Bottom,” followed by a panel discussion. To quote from our flyer: “We invite you to join in a conversation about the history of Richmond’s East End. We will begin with a screening of Shawn Utsey’s documentary Meet […]
At this important, informative event, VCU Police Chief John Venuti and representatives from local and federal law enforcement agencies will talk about policing with a purpose, building trust, and community-engaged policing. Chief Venuti invites dialogue and questions about policing, safety, and the role of a police department in the community. Tuesday, October 4, 7-9 p.m. […]
University College is pleased to present a series of free events relating to the themes of our 2016-2017 Common Book selection, Just Mercy. Upcoming events explore the purpose of policing, Richmond’s racial history, and experiences with life and health behind bars. See below for details. Sponsored by the VCU Common Book Program. Tuesday, October 4: Why […]
For Friday’s blog post, you will need to read the two assigned readings for Thursday and your own diagnostic essay. Then, based on those three texts, address the following three questions in at least 250 words. You can choose to address them separately or together. Use the ideas from the essay “The Right to Your Opinion” […]
This week, on Thursday, we will be setting you your blogs in class. You can get a head start by going to blogging resources and clicking on the sub-menu–Directions for Subscribing to the Course Site.
Welcome to UNIV 111. I look forward to meeting you all!  This course site is still in a state of revision and construction. We will meet on  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 in Grace E. Harris Hall 5182. Harris Hall is on Floyd Street, right beside the Student Commons.