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Introduction to Industrialization of Food Systems


While watching the video, I wasn’t surprised the categories under industrialization that were mentioned in the video.  The one that really surprised me though was the concentration, where companies have a monopoly over the meat.  After learning that, it made sense why their isn’t a larger demand for change, when other options are limited.

The grossest thing that I watched though during this talk was the pesticide ecosystem impacts.  While watching this, and listening how sex reversal in amphibians is happening, and immune systems in sea animals are being infected, makes me sit here and make me think “this will be happening to us too, if it isn’t already.”  It’s hard to understand how we aren’t fully educated, and aren’t given better health options when these facts are out there.

I have to go to the grocery store today, and will be looking instead now for cage free, grass fed, organic meat, even though it’ll make a dent in my pocket.  So interesting that the government before was wondering how to make food more affordable, when we now still have food that is not only not affordable, but also far less healthy.

You Will Eat That -Nugget

I thought that the most interesting part of the article was that force consumption is so common.  The article talks about a study that showed about 70% of participates where at one time or another. I know I have experienced some partially playful forced consumption, but I had no idea it was so wide spread. Even though my boyfriend was being playful when he did try to force feed me it did make me feel betrayed a little. I feel this article was pretty accurate and on point

Future of Farming. Consumers Delight.

Industrial Farming is viewed differently by everyone. Some look at is as an health issue towards the people , the animals, and the environment and some just look at it profit with no concern about how healthy it is. Eight billions of animals are produced each year just for human consumption and 7 billion of those animals are poultry and mostly chickens. One of the major problems of these industrial houses is the manure. There are about 200,000 birds living in this farm. One bird usually releases 3 pounds of manure in its lifetime. This results in a product thats full of nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic and other heavy metals which is used to fertilize the other plants growing on the field. Because of this farms location, the rain is going to carry some of the manure into the river that will pollute the water. Chickens are described as a “consumers delight”. It is eaten daily by customers, it is cheap, and easy to make.

Duane grows his farm the natural old fashioned way. The type of farm I would want to buy from. No hormones, no medications, and no antibiotics. The more and more I think about all the nasty preservatives I probably eat from the chicken I buy is so disgusting to me. No wonder I sometimes bloat from certain foods. Duane brings back the tradition of his grandfather.

COWS… what a life they’re living… Standing side by side eating soy cakes. Never seeing, tasting, or feeling a blade a grass in their entire lives.

Animals are used to get rid of some of the “waste” we don’t need and I believe that is how it’s suppose to work. It is a natural cycle and now-a-days that cycle is disrupted. Some disruptions aren’t that big of a deal but soon they will turn into something that we won’t be able to fix. All the animals may get sick and the cycle is broken forever.. then what will we do? We need to keep the natural cycle going for as long as we can before there is permanent damage. Pasture-based farm system seems to be the answer.

Hogs. Lagoon. Not something I want to talk about nor do I really want to see. It gives me a nasty stink face just thinking about it. Spaying the waste onto the fields causes severe respiratory problems. Yes it gets rid of the waste and the build up but I believe we are causes a bigger problem. Gaughhh I think I am going to barf.  Think about drinking this water from a well near this area… Nope, never.

Be the change you want. Animals make us human.

Farmers try to make their product different, more unique.

“You Will Eat All of That!”

There is absolutely nothing worse than forced food consumption, especially when you’re a child. Imagine being a child and being forced to eat Brussels sprouts. I’m an adult and I STILL wouldn’t want to eat them. I think the main types of forced consumption that I endured were Authority Figure (in most cases it was my dad as the authoritarian), Family Rule (my aunt would make us eat all of her super dry food before we were allowed anything to drink), and Forced Medication (my grandma would make me take Robitussin if I had the slightest cough). Who knew there were so many types? It states that the most common types of forced food are vegetables, red meat, and seafood. What is it about vegetables that makes kids so uneasy? As a child (and still to this day), I loved raw carrots, celery, and broccoli. Some meats on the other hand I didn’t quite care for. For example, I was never a fan of meat loaf, but then again why would I be? The name is disgusting in itself. The only times that I was ever punished for not eating my food was when one of my parents would tell me that I either couldn’t leave the table until I was finished (the table is a good napping spot anyway), or I couldn’t go outside until my food was finished (it too hot out who cares). I really hate when anyone would say things along the line like “imagine all of the children in Africa who are starving right now”, as if that would make me want my food. If they’re really hungry and you really care so much about if they eat, ship this food to them and I can eat something that I really like. Good logic huh?

Food Fights and Happy Meals

Who knew that “family meals” are part of the official creed of the American Dietetic Association? And here I am thinking its just a normal family meal! My family and I didn’t really have family meals every night, and it never really bothered me. Often, we would eat separate places, considering that we all probably wanted different foods. I guess my parents never really looked at family meals as something they they failed to live up to, because when we did have family meals it was cool. The times we did eat meals together they weren’t exactly traditional. We would either be all by the TV at once or at a restaurant. A family meal to me is everyone eating at the same time, regardless of what room. The only times that my family has meals together are during holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas), where we actually sit at tables and talk amongst ourselves. Family meals are okay I guess..


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Happy Meals

Family dinners at my house are consistently amusing in some way. When I was growing up it was typical for my brother and I to pick at one another in some type of way whether subtle or not so subtle. Alternatively there are times when  something will trigger us whether it is something unintentionally funny or just the awkwardness in itself that will cause us to laugh uncontrollably- which therefore turns the family dinner in to a beaming success!

The main issues we face or would face is my brother serving himself an inconsiderate amount of food. The last two years of high school my brother went to boarding school so dinner time calmed down a little bit in stress and ‘chaos’. I generally cook dinner for myself seeing as my diet is not completely symbiotical with that of my family’s.

My mother and I gave up read meat about 3 or 4 years ago but within the past two years I have given up meat completely. My dad’s understanding of a satisfying dinner meal is that of meat and 2 or 3 sides(similar to that of lizard’s thicket) I am working towards establishing an altered, compromise, of this ideology. I am capable of getting very worked up when it comes to my parents diet especially my dad’s (heart attacks).

Hello world!

Welcome to

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Eat your Veggies, They’re good for you !

In the recent article “You Will Eat All of That”, I have learned that forced consumption of foods is more common than I was once lead to believe. In some cases its has changed the dietary patterns of some of those who were forced to eat things at the dinner table by there parents or the authority figure at the table. I never would have thought that something like that would be a problem in the long run. I’ve have always believed that it was the parent looking in to the best interest of the child by telling them that they have to eat something like a vegetable. In many cases I have been told the importance of my vegetables as a child and how it would benefit me to eat them, but as a result I have never felt that I should change my eating habits. But what if parents didn’t enforce such a “strict” vegetable policy on their children, then how would they ever know what is good for them and what they should eat have is beneficially to their body if they eat. I feel that maybe forcing them to eat is a poor way to teach them a lesson about the importance of eating vegetables and/or a well balanced diet but maybe there are other ways that they can persuade their children into eating healthy. Maybe with a little creativity they could enforce the children , not force the children.