How to change your site visibility so that your blog can appear here!

We suspect that 90% of the problems with getting your blogs to appear in our rss feed on our class blog,  is that you have your site visibility set to private.  You will need to change this setting if you want your blog rss feed listed on our class blog homepage..  Note:  If you wish to keep your blog setting set to private, please email me.

I will email and post instructions for how to make a single post private (because in some cases you may choose to keep a particular post private).  A post can be set to private even if your site visibility is public.  To change site visibility:

1)  In Dashboard, black column on left of screen, go down to SETTINGS, and as you scroll over the word settings, you’ll see another menu appear.

2)  Click READING on that menu under SETTINGS.

3)  Then scroll down to SITE VISIBILITY.

4)  You must click the circle next to “Allow search engines to index this site” — the first option.

5)  Then click SAVE CHANGES.  Once you’ve saved changes, look to the search box at the top, where you should see a green line inside the search box beside the words “Settings Changed.”

Once you’ve done this, I will be able to go back and add the rss feed.

6)  Please ADD your name or blog avatar name AND your blog URL AS A COMMENT ON this POST if you have taken the above steps so that I can go back and try again to syndicate your blog. (Click “leave a reply” and give me your name and blog url so that I can add it to our syndication).

Reminder:  While most of you used your name or part of it in your blog site title, you don’t have to name yourself on your blog, but instead you can use an avatar (if you want to remain anonymous).  Remember my example of Anonymous Octopus’ blog name?


HOW TO TAG POSTS, and other tutorials:

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12 thoughts on “How to change your site visibility so that your blog can appear here!

    1. Bonnie Boaz Post author

      I got your email! I’ll try to get to your blog today! I did see this weekend that you included the email confirmation for your meeting. Do you guys meet tomorrow! See your email for some supplemental material on your client meetings.

    1. Bonnie Boaz Post author

      See me in class TUESDAY so that we can figure out why your settings doesn’t include the READING option. You are looking at the left side of your screen, in black (white text), on the Dashboard page of your blog, right? See me in class. Continue blogging — because your blog exists, it just hasn’t been added to our class list!

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