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How can we make these eye-catching and all about FOOD donations!?



MAKES were to be submitted in hard copies.  I received 11 Mid-term submissions.  Please bring a hard copy to class on TH if you mistakenly thought you could post your MAKE in your blog only.

All MAKES not submitted on TH OCT 30 will not be accepted.  Also, those who did not complete self-assessments on the day Mid-term #1 was due, please see me in class to complete a self-assessment, as this is part of your mid-term exam grade (Part ! Essay, Part 2 MAKES, plus self-assessment).

As you noticed in class, there was a lot of overlap in your MAKE ideas, which kind of caused the reciprocity ring idea to fall flat.  Most of your needs were the same, because most of your ideas were so similar.  The three broad categories of ideas were:

Makes involving recipes: : Ella, Tiarra, Serina, Aster

Makes that are food games:  Kyle, Ella, Tiarra, Elizabeth A,

Makes involving cooking and/or eating:  John, Tiarra, Serina, Aster, Alexandria, Emily

While I know you want to have fun, the purpose of the MAKES was to create mini-projects that can be documented in blog posts, shared among one another and groups, and have potential to be tweaked by every group for client needs.  (see assignment below)

I had a hard time figuring out how most of the MAKES above could be tweaked into serving client needs.  Cooking our favorite dishes and eating them, while lots of fun, requires time and money, both of which most of you say you are short of already, and which has impacted work with your clients.  Two groups are struggling to even get a “product” completed that addresses their clients’ needs, and the RamPantry group, in their mid-term reflections, have almost unanimously said they need fresh ideas to move outside the weekly sampling work.  The MAKES were your chance to brainstorm new ideas for DOING something that you could document and use to MAKE something for your clients. 

The MAKE ideas involving playing games together, cooking or eating together, and designing, exchanging, and making new recipes together would be great out-of class activities to do and document in your blogs.  Students in Food for Thought often cooked together, videoing their steps, taking photos to document their food.  But we cannot do this work in class.  Some of you admitted in  your mid-term that cooking wasn’t practical — raising concerns like the expense, the time constraints, the concern that if you cooked beforehand, how would you keep the food warm?  And finally, where would you cook if we cooked during class?  Our class has lots of gadgets, but none of them are a stove! : )

The Food Game MAKES — we could develop a broad MAKE to find easy food games that the Peter Paul group could use to teach food issues to children.  The PP group would give us the perimeters of a good game — obviously cost is one.  So the idea of designing and researching food games for CHILDREN that can be used for the Peter Paul group, can definitely become a MAKE.  But playing food games in class together isn’t serving any real purpose for our service work.

Also, some MAKES were repeats of ideas your group has stated often, but still not completed.  MAKES were to be new ideas, not a repeat of the same ideas for doing something that you’ve stated before and still not done. : /   Guys:  DO what you set out to do as a group and stop writing about it. If you haven’t done it yet, maybe it’s a bad idea, OR  maybe you just need to stop waiting for someone else to act and just do it.

If your MAKE doesn’t involve envisioning a way to use the MAKE to serve our client needs, then your Mid-term essay falls short of the assignment.


  • Mid-term Part #2: A 3 – 4 page paper (which I agreed could be 2 pages if it is awesome) that develops descriptive, creative ideas for two possible MAKES. By calling them “MAKES” I am emphasizing DOING and CREATING: mini-projects that can be documented in blog posts, shared among one another and groups, and have potential to be tweaked by every group for client needs. We will dedicate at least one class (maybe two if it’s an ambitious) each week to working ON the MAKES. So this is your chance to dream big for the best use of our class time to 1) create products for our clients and 2) showcase work and creativity in your blogs.
  • Your make ideas can be a little rambling (like mine is) because you are thinking on paper, and because creativity isn’t always perfectly linear. But we should be able to see clear creative POTENTIAL in your MAKE ideas, as well as genuine enthusiasm on your part about your ideas.



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