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Make #9 – Uncharacteristic Photography

I’ve recently become obsessed with pomegranates! I eat them when I need a little something sweet or just a snack throughout the day. I had only seen the inside of a pomegranate just this year. It is truly a beautiful fruit. The seeds look like little gems filling the hive which is the fruit. I thought it would be the perfect food item to take pictures of. I tried to get some different angles as well close ups!






Make #6 – Re-Imagined Recipe Video

We re-imagined our recipe video to be more informative the second time around! Our first attempt at making a recipe video lacked originality and keys steps in making the dish. In our new video we took a new recipe, which was more useful as a meal idea, and broke it down into more involved steps so that our audience could clearly understand how to make the dish. The editing took a little longer, but the final product and delious dish was worth it!

Make #6: Food Bin Designers

Make #6: Food Bin Designers


This is an image where I have pieced together aspects of fruit that I thought were interesting and that I also thought would look awesome if painted by the right person for a Bin Design.

I think a light blue base color for the bin will be nice, keeping things mostly simplistic and to me aesthetically appealing. The actual artists if interested in painting this onto a bin can of course be creative and add other fruits and/or vegetables. However, I thought definitely they could have that string of water coming from the top of the bin trickling down and “shooting” as it looks like in the photo. And also adding the fruits along with it. As well as the cut up fruits creating a full fruit (an apple shape in this case)

However, I thought it was pretty simplistic and would be an awesome Food Bin Design if anyone was interested in painting it.

Recycling Bin Update

I got a call from Terrence on Sunday afternoon saying that he was not able to get the art supplies because the cost of the materials that we needed exceeded the $25 budget that the SGA gave him. I was extremely let down when I heard this because 1. we weren’t informed of the budget for the art supplies prior to even thinking about painting the recycling bins, and 2. we were told last minute. Terrence also mentioned that we weren’t allowed to paint in the area where they usually hold events for Rampantry because they were holding a Thanksgiving event on the day that we were meaning to paint. How come the SGA didn’t inform us of these any sooner? Why did they tell Terrence that we couldn’t paint in our designated area at the last minute? I would assume that the Thanksgiving event would have been planned way ahead of time, which means there shouldn’t be an excuse for them to suddenly tell us that we can’t paint there out of the blue. Unfortunately, because of this problems, Terrence decided to cancel the painting of the bins. I felt like we spent so much time thinking about how to design the bins, only to have it go down the drain at the last minute. This made all of us very upset and left confused on what we should do.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.42.48 AM

Recycling Bins

My sister, myself, Elizabeth and Laura met together on Thursday, November 20th to plan out the list of needed art supplies to email to Terrence for the recycling bins.We decided to work on one bin for now to see how it would scope out as far as time is concerned. My sister Lianna drew out some fruits and vegetables that we would paint onto the bin. We planned on having the illustrations to look happy with smiles and have almost a “cartoony” aesthetic. My plan was to handletter “VCU RamPantry” on the front of the bin, and inside of the bin, we all talked about writing “Only Non-perishable items” so people who donate won’t include any perishable food items by accident. We hoped to paint the bins by Tuesday, November 25.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.48.27 AM Scan 1

Make #8 – Nonprofit Interview

I interviewed Haley, another student in our class, who had the opportunity to volunteer and work with the Children’s Hospital of Richmond this semester. She and her team held several fundraisers for the nonprofit including bracelet sales, raffles, etc. After hearing about her experience, it’s clear that working with a nonprofit is not only beneficial for the organization but it benefits the experiences you have throughout your life, as well on your outlook on things all around you!

Make #7

An info graph that the client would be able to use.


This one’s numbers may not be entirely accurate because REAL research was not conducted, but it is a good average estimate. This info graph also allows people to see their limits on each category of items that the pantry offers. These are the core categories but we know they also have hygiene supplies as well as spices, etc.


Also, because the field had so mud trouble inserting, i resorted to taking a screenshot of it from the website:

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.45.42 PM