Email from Terrence Walker, Nov 24, 2014.  Let’s discuss this problems given our visit with Erin Burke and the mid-term reading “The Four Furies.”

We ran into a few problems with getting the bins painted by students in your class.
First, the cost of supplies went over the $25 budget that the SGA approved. (unfortunately, the SGA did not tell us that the budget was only $25 when we asked for funding).
And the manager of the BCM, where Rampantry is located said that your students could paint the bins near the back entrance of the building and use the kitchen space.
However, he informed us on Sunday that the BCM is having a Thanksgiving day event on Tue. and they will be using the kitchen/back area to prepare for the event, so
we will not be able to use the area during your classroom time.
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused your students. This is not the first time that we have run into issues with SGA funding and the use of the building where
Rampantry is located.
I will look into other options to get the bins painted or revisit the issue next semester.
A Big Thanks to your students for all that they have done this semester to make Rampantry successful!
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