Assignments Post Mid-term: Oct. – Dec.

TH DEC 4:  Final Exam Oral Presentations continue.

The final exam and reflective blog post final essay assignment can be found on the home page, under the “Assignments” drop down.

**If you have not already done so, please complete the course evaluations by Fri Dec 5 @ noon.

Due SUN. DEC 7 @ 11:59 PM (END OF DAY):  Final Reflective Essay Blog Post assignment due by Sunday Dec 7 @ 11:59 pm.  Final Reflective Essay Blog Post assignment here. All blogs will be graded after Sunday Dec 7 @ 11:59 pm (end of day).  No posts made after this time will count toward your blog grade.  Final reflective essay blog post assignment must be created as a POST and posted to your home page, visible immediately to blog viewers.

Final Reminders 1)  Make sure you’ve uploaded your Recipe #4 MAKE to our class YouTube channel.  If your recipe MAKE is missing on the YouTube channel, you will not get full credit for it.

2)  Make sure that if you have corresponded at any time in the semester with your client, that you include screen shots of this correspondence in your blog.  Reflect also on this correspondence, giving context for the correspondence and your thoughts about it.

3)  Make sure you have uploaded all photos and videos you took during client work in your blog.  These photos and videos help document your service work.

4)  Make sure you have completed all MAKES and reflected on their potential usefulness to clients (or not).  Title the MAKES according to their respective numbers in the MAKES assignment (MAKE #1, MAKE #2, ETC).

5)  Make sure you have included posts about all client work.  Please understand that If you include no posts about your client work, then I will assume you did no hands-on volunteer work with your client.  If you include one post about client work, I’ll assume you met with your client one time.  Your blog is the place where you must document your hands-on (direct) service and your thinking/developing/creating (indirect) service for your client.

6)  The blog will be graded as a full semester of work.  I have copies of my mid-term feedback that I gave you on blogs, and will be viewing your blogs in light of that feedback. If your blog was difficult to navigate at mid-term, you need to have corrected this problem.  All blog posts and blog headings should be clearly labeled, so that finding them is easy.

After mid-term, you do not have reading response posts, because these were replaced by MAKES and client work.  However, your blog should reflect both first half and second half of semester work.  Should you wish to edit or add to blog posts, feel free to do so as long as all changes are made by Sunday Dec 7 @ 11:59 pm.  No late additions or changes will be considered.  Also, do not take any of your blog posts down until after final grades are posted.

Previous Assignments:

Due TU Nov 25:  Work on MAKES #6 – #10.  Upload your 1 minute Recipe MAKE (#4) to our class YouTube channel.  Review your blogs to make sure you have completed all blogging assignments prior to the MAKES.   Take screen shots of any emails correspondence you have had with your clients and post them in your blogs.

DUE TU DEC 2:   This is our last week of class.  Final exam oral presentations will take place all week.  All students must be in class and ready to present on TU Dec 2 and TH Dec 4. See assignment here.

DUE TU NOV. 18th:  ALL MAKES #1 – #4 should be posted to your blog by class time today.  Points will be deducted for late MAKES.   Post all recipe videos (MAKE#4) to our YouTube channel.  Your blog titled MAKE #4 should contain a live, working LINK to your RECIPE VIDEO MAKE.  This was a free “catch up” weekend.  Please take advantage of it and get your MAKES posted.

The new list of MAKES will be distribute in class on TU Nov. 20th.  MAKE #5 is listed below for anyone wanting to work ahead.

Look over: review the visual ideas to decorate the food bins the RamPantry had donated to them.  See this link:   Ideas for Painting Food Donation Bins

Be prepared to contribute useful ideas to design of the bins.  Our design should include food in some way, and also include Food for Thought class name as well.  If you are an artist, we need your help on this design!  (everyone from any group!)  BEFORE photo below:


DUE TH Nov 20th:  MAKE #5.   Our 5th MAKE was suggested in a few different formats by several students in their MAKES ideas or their mid-term reflections.  This MAKE is designed to help produce a range of interesting ideas for the Peter, Paul group.  It should be crowd-sourcing at its best.

Make #5: Research and find a simple, fun food-related activity you could play with children. The activity should be educational and fun and should be able to take place in a small classroom of 12 students. Write the steps of the activity, the materials needed, and the projected time it would take to complete the activity. Parameters: the food-related game(s) should be fun for young children, educational, and include food that is affordable.  The game-play itself does not have to necessarily involve handling food, but prizes could include food, and the game does have to teach students something about food.




DUE TH Nov 6:  (also review this for Nov 11th class):

During class on TH NOV 6:  Work on producing an educational infographic that can be used by either Peter Paul or ReEstablish Richmond.  If you were absent, please see the Food for Thought MAKES link below, #3 Food Desert Make.

This assignment is based on prompt #3Make on  Food for Thought MAKES.

The people who didn’t have laptops TU Nov 6 in class, or who were absent, should use one of the following locations (apartment complexes) for their Food Desert Infographic (MAKE #3 on Food for Thought MAKES handout; blue link above). Also all ReEstablish Richmond Group members should use ONE of the addresses below for their infographic:

Nottingham Green
Stoneyridge Apartments
Southwood Apartments
Bennett Woods

According to Kimberly Compton, at ReEstablish  Richmond, these apartments are the places where most of the refugees in Richmond live.

In class we used the 6 housing projects Six Courts of Richmond Housing Projects, so those who were in class TH NOV 6 and who had their laptops should continue with the infographic they were working on using the data from ONE of these housing projects.

In class we looked at Piktograph (link provided on Food for Thought MAKES link above).  You may also try one of the sites below for creating your free infographic:  This is Google Charts — which are easy to use and to import into your blog. is similar to Piktograph; provides some free templates.

See below for an infographic explaining what an infographic IS for those who missed class or seemed confused about the purpose of infographics in class on TH:



DUE TU NOV 11:  CLASS IS CANCELLED FOR YOU TO WORK ON YOUR 30 SECOND RECIPE VIDEO.  SEE MAKE#4 ON Food for Thought MAKES assignment sheet.  This recipe video is due by class on TH Nov 13, where we will showcase them.

RamPantry group:  Please see Terrence’s email about going to the smoothie places and asking for donations.  This must be done asap.  I need an email update from the people who went out to ask for donations.  Three people need to step up here and visit the three smoothie locations.  Please discuss this/plan for this via email or messaging (whatever your preferred method is for communicating).

Reminder:  Johnny and Kyle:  You need to set up the YouTube channel. This must be done asap also.

ReEstablish Richmond:   I have made 50 copies of the flyer that Jason gave me for you to distribute.  Please come by my office, Harris 5107, where I have the flyers in a yellow folder on my office door.   Please POST hard copies around campus of FLYERS for the Baker’s Crust fund raiser by TU. Nov. 11.

Bulletin boards are your friends!  All of you should be able to take some of these flyers around to post them.  Use class time Tuesday if necessary. If you need to meet in the classroom, or the lobby outside the classroom on Tuesday, please do so.

Peter Paul:  Please finalize your plans to volunteer with children or in garden.  Research food games for children.  You may have to synthesize two different ideas to make a game related to food.  Post all game ideas on your blog so that the group and I can view them.

DUE by class TH Nov 13:  MAKES #3 AND #4   Infographic from Nov 6 AND video of 30 second recipe from Nov 11.  Class is cancelled on Nov 11th to give you extra time to work on and complete your 30 second recipe videos (Make #4).


1.  Share recipe videos

2.  SET UP YOUTUBE Channel.

3.  Instruct class about how to upload video to the channel.

4.  Class uploads their videos to the YouTube channel.

5.  Groups discuss InfoGraphs and possibilities for client use



Week #11

TU:  Nov 4:  Blog Post titled:  MAKE #1:  Post all photos, videos, and vines that you took during MAKE #1 in class TH.  Obviously if you took many photos or videos, you should cull through them and post the ones you like best and the ones that have the best resolution and lighting.

In your blog post with these photos, reflect on the MAKE #1 experience.  Give specific details about problems you encountered, personally, as a group or as a class.  Give details about how you or your group made decisions and came up with ideas.  Give details about fun moments, or when moments turned out differently than you expected.  Give your personal perceptions about the PROCESS of this work, as well as the POTENTIAL of the products you produced.  Think about how you can address client needs by using the image in a meme, for example. (see my meme example in TH Nov 6 post below).

Bring:  Bring laptop to class with all photos taken during MAKE #1 saved.

TH Nov 6:  Read Can an Organic Twinkie be Certified?   Review Food for Thought MAKES

Read:  Read and comment on two classmate’s MAKE #1 blog posts.

Make:  Make 3 memes based on #2 Prompt on Food for Thought MAKES You should have begun this work (or even finished it) during group class time on TU Nov 4.  But today is the due date to have your memes posted in your blog for instructor and group viewing.

Meme Generator:  I made this meme using the Meme Generator.  Most of these first prompt you to use one of their photos, but look for a place to upload your own photo.  This one was easy to use, and I created this meme in 10 minutes.

dmvqe     9 Photo Collage Apps that allow for text    Best Apps for making memes

I made the below meme using the generator link below. Screen shot of step 2 in the EASY process. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.26.59 PM

Week #10

DUE TU OCT 28:  Mid-term Essay #2:  Propose 2 “Makes.”  See MAKE #1 for my example of 1 “Make” proposal.   If you were in class on TH. Oct 23rd, I distributed a hard copy of the above example (Make#1) and we discussed numerous options and examples.  Mid-term essay #2 Make Proposal:  2 pages, word processed.  Post in blog as back-up.

TH Oct 30:    Sign UP:  See the Google Doc to sign up to bring interesting FOOD items and PROPS for our Food Photo / Art MAKE #1.  Please give some thought to what food items you will bring, and try to bring interesting, colorful, oddly shaped foods to make for interesting food combinations in the photos.  Google Doc:

Research and Blog:  Google Food Art and / or Food Photography to accumulate ideas for our photo session TH.  You can check out Flickr or Photo Bucket, Instagram and Pinterest, too.  Save and upload to your blog some of your more interesting (and do-able) photo ideas from websites visited in your research.

Looking at food art is inspiring and interesting, and the images and your reflection about them  will make for a great blog post, as well as help us gather creative ideas for food items to bring and arranging those items tomorrow.  Title your blog post:  Preparation for Make #1.   To illustrate ideas before we begin photographing, we will pull up some of your blogs to see your photos collected in this assignment.

Read:  Read my announcement/note to class on the home page of the class blog site titled “To Food Class About MAKES.”

Remember:  Remember to bring your food items AND your food props to class!


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