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Dinner Table or Battle Ground?

Many American people seem to think everyone enjoys family dinners each night but is that really the case?

Richard Wilk’s article “Power at the Table” provides an inside at why family dinners are not always as enjoyable as they seem.  I personally can relate to this topic.  Growing up in a divorced family it was hard to have balanced family time. With my mom our schedules were so hectic that I can’t even recall more than five times that her, my brother and I sat down and had dinner together. But on the flip side when I would visit my dad he made sure that every night we all got together and ate dinner as one.

Each time we had a full family meal together it sparked unpleasant topics I would try to avoid talking about with my parents; Topics such as grades or chores not being up to their standards. The dinner table wasn’t always an unpleasant place but the memories I have from it were.

I believe that our culture is not adapting to the changing society because not all families have time to sit down and eat a home cooked meal for dinner each night. There are rumors and speculation that if you do not eat dinner with your family every night that something is wrong with you…I hardly ever eat dinner with my family yet we still function and get along the same way as a family who eat dinner every night together does.

This article puts a lot into perspective about our society just based on eating dinner together every night with your family and how it makes you either a good or bad person/family.

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