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Healthy Afternoon Snack/ Food Art

Recently members of my group and I went to PPDC and taught the kids about healthy after school snacks as well as how to make Food Art. With the help of Ardilla Deneys we were able to have a fun time with the kids and they really enjoyed the activity.


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Breakfast Cereal..

“In many ways Breakfst cereal is the prototyypical processed food: 4 cents’ worth of commodity corn (or some other equally cheap grain) transformed into four dollars’ worth of processed food. ”

After reading this passage I wanted to learn more about how cereal is made so I found this video from YouTube showing how cereal begins and ends up in a bag. . The main problem I found with this video is how they “spray” vitamins back on the cereal after they have cooked them. But if they are made straight from corn I mean in the video they are making corn flakes then why would you need to add vitamins to something that should already have them. Then I referred back to the Pollen article. Most of the Corn ingredients in cereal is probably not real corn its likely processed. Which makes me wonder again what are we eating. How is the food industry workers sleeping at night knowing that they are serving this “stuff” to man, women and children.

Pollen Chapter 4

“Cows raised on grass simply take longer to reach slaughter weight than cows raised on a richer diet, and for half a century now the industry has devoted itself to shortening a beef animal’s allotted span on earth. “In my grandfather’s time, cows were four or five years old at slaughter’…’in the fifties, when my father was ranching, it was two or three years old. Now we get there at 14 to 16 months.”


When reading this passage from the article, I immediately thought of how horrible that sounds, how they have changed and changed the diets of the animals to make them slaughter weight sooner than before. It makes me wonder what are they feeding the cows to make them bigger and could it be harmful to the people that will be consuming that cows? I just wonder, I feel like the farming industry has changed so much that, this can not be good for the people that are going to be consuming the food that they are making. Nor the animals that would mean that a farmer would go through almost twice as many cows then they would have back in the day. That makes me think that the nutritious value of the food isn’t what it used to be.  What are we eating.