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My name is Elizabeth. I'm a food loving elementary education major. I'm in a sorority, live off campus, and am just trying to make it though college.

Final Reflection

At the beginning of the semester I assumed this class was about how food affects or day to day life. I thought we food study the sociology of food, psychology of food, food in different cultures, how the government affects food and so much more. Needless to say, but I was way, way off based. We did however, learned some things. Things that I didn’t necessary want to learn, but things I NEEDED to learn.

We learned about what actually can be in food. We watched a documentary, called Food Inc. in class. This movie along with chapters from 2 different books showed us what goes into food and the logic behind the food industry. My blog post Chick Fil EW ( discusses what actually is in a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. We also went on a Processed Food Hunt to see that foods that you expect may be health aren’t always health at all (

We leaned how to work with a non-profit organization and others. Each student selected a non profit organization out of three options to work with over the semester. These groups were used to educate the public, and learn about the difficulties that others face, food-wise. One make we did was a picket-graph that visually shows the struggle of something as simple as grocery shopping for people in food deserts ( I worked with Ram Pantry and that was a crazy experience in itself.

Ram Pantry had issues of its own. It was really hard working with the large group of Ram Pantry because so many people were passive, or just didn’t care. We had a group of three people selected for social media.And even though it took forever to get he Facebook info, the person in charge of Facebook only did anything on Facebook ONCE. And as the semester went on less and less people came to volunteer at the Ram Pantry on the last day of sampling I was the ONLY person doing it. ( You can read more about Ram Pantry sampling here: IMG_2990IMG_3328IMG_3223 2 IMG_2968

Lastly, we learned about ourselves. We learned that with a little team work a few college students can start educating the campus. The computers aren’t too hard with a little help. We made friends and networking connections. In all of the issues there were benefits. I’m not talking another service learning class though.


11/26 Ram Pantry

This was the most frustrating sampling. It was supposed to be the last afternoon sampling week. Serena didn’t say she wouldn’t be able to come until Monday and I wasn’t able to get a general sampling schedule organized until later that night when I got off of work. By that time, Alex, whom said she would definitely work Ram Pantry said she went home for some reason. I told people to come the day of seeing as time went on no one showed. I was so frustrated. And it kind of hurt my feeling that no one would come and help. This was my worst nightmare for this class and even wrote about this concern in my midterm and it actually coming true is an awful feeling and is why I HATE group work. People also didn’t seem interested in the samples at all on this which just added to my disappointment.IMG_3223 IMG_3225 3 IMG_3224 3

Ram Pantry 11/12

On November 12th Tori and I made a chunky salsa for sampling at the Ram Pantry. We were the only ones to show up but since we were making something so simple we didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. This day we also made our kale chip video for one of our MAKES. Although it was supposed to be the last morning shift and only us to came, we got to know each other better and we had a lot of fun!

IMG_3328 IMG_3329 IMG_3327

Trash Bins

Aster, Laura, and I met up on 25th of November to make a design and plan supplies needed for crafting donation bins for the Ram Pantry. We planned during our canceled class time and emailed Bonnie and  We Terrence the list of supplies. After we were beginning to get excited about the bins we began running into several problems.

1. We had a budget and didn’t know it.

2. It was only $25.

3. We are told we could use the ram pantry to paint at, but the day we planned on working on the bins they aid we couldn’t use the space.

We ended up not doing the bins this semester which was pretty disappointing. We put so much time and effort into getting things planned out and finally getting get people to volunteer. Although this was disappointing, hopefully the next semester of students working with the RamPantry will have better planning than we did.

Ram Pantry sampling 10/29

On October 29th Tori, John, Elle, and I attempted to make samples of sweet potato fries.  IT WAS AWFUL. We assumed it would be super easy and even sound an online recipe to go by- but we had no idea what we had inshore. It was difficult in general to slice them and none of us have ever made them before. I was the only one to ever have them! Anyways, we tried to make samples and put too much sugar on them. The sugar ended up melting and Elle got the pan out of the oven the sugar spilt onto the inside on the oven and started smoking!  We turned the oven off and after it cooled I cleaned it, but that took 25 mins. This accident delayed our cooking by 30 mins total. When the first batch was finally done I tried them and they were so soggy we couldn’t even let these be eaten. The accident didn’t allow us time to cook more, so we ended up not sampling that day.

What I Learned:

1. Not everything is going to run as expected and that’s okay, we tried which what was important. And even though we were unsuccessful with samples, we still had fun.

2. Try recipes out in advance, just so you are sure of what to do.