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Orientation (Second Client Meeting)

Ok for our second meeting with our client ,Reestablish Richmond, we went through a basic orientation and what to expect when working with people with limited English proficiency.For me this is information I already knew through my work experience. Although my work experience is Spanish speaking group and i know a little Spanish myself I imagine that the same problems will arise. Kimberly did have some great suggestions of how to overcome some of the language problems. In my experience I had to learn the hard way that all words don’t translate completely, speaking one language all the time you sometimes forget that certain cultures and languages don’t have words for certain things. Also in my own experiences I learned it is easier to communicate when you demonstrative, you cant assume that they understand what you are saying so you want to make sure you can give them visual clues while you are talking.

Our orientation was with another group so it was not really until after the meeting that we got a chance to to really figure out with Kimberly the dates we where going to have for these interviews. Because I am writing this a little later and I now know that we wont be doing the interviews at all, I am starting to pick up on how frustrated Kimberly was at the time. Because our group was so anxious to get involved with Reestablish Richmond we were really diligent when communicating with Kimberly about finding out the dates for us. In retrospect it is a shame we are not going to be able to go through with the original idea of the interviews but as group I think we are going to take more initiative in the future to get some really good work done.

Fears in a Hat

So after meeting my group members and getting to know them a little we decided to do “fear in a hat”. We all took a piece of paper and simply put what we worry may effect our group and the project. I fear that communication between group members would be a problem. I have worked in groups before and it was always a big deal to communicate where we are going or when we or getting whatever done. This time around I am determined to keep a good line of communication with all my group members and since it is a smaller group I do not believe it will be a problem. Others in the group had concerns that the work load would not be even or some one in the group would be slacking off on their share, but so far it does not seem like that will be a problem either because everyone in the group seems really excited to be a part of this work. If any of these problems were to arrive the group feels pretty confident that we can handle them in an effective manner. So we should be very helpful and productive in work with ReEstablish Richmond.


Our meeting with Kimberly

Really excited with all that I learned about what we will be doing with ReEstablish Richmond. Our meeting with Kimberly was very informative. More so than us getting the word out about the work they are doing we actually get to get a hands on account with some of the refugees. Kimberly will be organizing workshops in which we can attend and gain information on nutrition that will help the refugees transition in America and also  ways for the refugees to keep up with their dietary patterns. The most exciting part is we are charged with the task to hopefully interview some of the refugees about their story and journey to Richmond. Kimberly wants us to establish trust in the refugee community by attending the workshops and becoming familiar with those involved. The program is starting to really take off and Kimberly informed us that the best way to help is to get information out, not necessarily social media but other forms to help bring attention to their cause with written pieces on information that people share with us. Since I truly enjoy hear other people’s experiences this seems like a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about the nutrition and diets of different cultures. Not only is the program a way to help the refugees assimilate into the area it is a way for them to reach and stay connected to others. ReEstablish Richmond has provided the community with a small garden that will provide some native or familiar produce for the refugees which will also serve as a way for those to share their own agriculture techniques. In our meeting we covered a lot of good points and seem to really get a good idea on the work will be doing among  the refugee community.




You will eat all of that!…….

This article made me think really hard about my current eating habits. I did not realize that force consumption could have such an impact on my adult life. I was not that picky of an eater growing up so there are maybe a few instances where I had to finish food I did not like or put too much of on my plate, but that is not what I took from the article. What got from it was how I was forced fed and surprisingly enough it was my own doing. As I stated in my previous post is my mother and farther because of there jobs we have to leave me and my older brother at home over night. Before my mother would leave for work she always had some food she prepared previously or leftovers for us to eat whenever we saw fit. At the time I was eight years old and my brother was about twelve so we did not know how to cook much of anything so whatever she left for us was it. This is where the force feeding that I inflicted upon myself came from. If my mother would leave something for us to eat that I did not want or did not like, there was no other option available. I remember starting off telling myself that I just want eat it and looking in the fridge for anything to serve as an alternative. I use to plead with my brother if there was anything he could cook for me and that I am so hungry, he would always look at me and ask what was wrong with what Mom had left for us, and as I argued my case his answer in the end would always be ” If you don’t want to eat whats here then you must not be that hungry.”

Wow that statement has stuck with me for awhile, because now as an adult whenever I want to save money or need to eat out of sheer convenience my first thought is “If I don’t want to eat it I must not be that hungry”. After reading that article I can honestly say that I have made myself eat things I did not like but ate it because it was in front of me and easier or because I did not want or have the money to have another choice. This experience I am sure is common but I really did not realize the eating habits I develop as a kid would stick with me into my adult life.

Power of the Table

This article resonates with me on two different levels, Wilkes mentioned that the family table is a place for the parents to be able to communicate with the children in an open but still authoritative environment.  My experiences with my family and other families I have shared dinner with this isn’t the case. I guess I will start with my own household, growing up up until I was about 8 years old we would have family meals but it was never in the way Wilkes is describing it. Very rarely would everyone be sitting at the table discussing their day or talking out problems. My older brother and I usually ate before my father came home at the table while my mother did what ever she need to do around the house. If we did all eat at the same time it was usually a formality on Sundays because that was the only day my parents both had off. So the dinner table never became a place to express authority, this especially became true when my mother started working overnight at the hospital and my father was out on the driving the truck for longer periods of time. When this happen my brother and I never ate at the table again. In fact it became more of a storage area if anything. We fed ourselves whenever we wanted with whatever my mother left us out to eat. So the notion that the dinner table is important is somewhat outdated in today’s practical society.

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