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I just came across the meme and immediately it made me think about our memes for the Ram Pantry. Cheesy? ‘slightly’ but I do not mind it!

I’m feeling inspired (perhaps)…. just look at those little faces!!!

Ram Pantry

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of helping in the Ram Pantry ‘kitchen’. Serina was there and so was another girl who’s name has slipped my mind but was a sincere joy to have in the kitchen with us!

photo 2 photo 1


Feeling adventurous the lovely girl and I agreed to ‘experiment’ and try making pumpkin seeds, roasted…. She pulled up a recipe on her phone and I basically encouraged her to go for it and that I would ‘supervise’ and take pictures…. Serina lead the chili cooking and did a great job! It’s apparent chili is something she whips up often ;)!

I commented on her ‘hefty’ amounts of spices added but I kid you not people were not complaining! (I wasn’t either).

With only a little bit of time the three of us certainly did well with what we had!

For the taste testing we took the samples over to the library courtyard which I had never done before. I found it rather humorous to be offering chicken chili to people with their lattes in tow…. but hey good food  is good food!

Go team!

Food For Thought 2014-11-04 16:30:02

I made this meme  in continuation with the first food art challenge. The text came pretty instantly. Hopefully others beside myself find this humorous.




Monochrome Breakfast Series

‘In collaboration with David Reiner, Sebastian Hierner and Karin Stöckl, German graphic designer Fabienne Plangger made the “Monochrome Breakfast” series for a study project in 2012. She represents red, yellow, green and blue breakfasts in which all the elements have the same color. More photos in the next part of the article.’


Fabienne Plannger, a contributing artist from the above piece, took the photo below. I’m including this image just to draw a comparison between both styles and aesthetics. I wonder how much her environment, Barcelona, has influenced her work/style.

Thinking about that in the context of food makes me look back on the idea of our environment and the habits of those around us influence the choices we make ourselves.

::Food Art::


On Thursday, everyone in the class brought in various ‘food related’ items to photograph. I brought in a lemon, sweet potato, spoon, sunflower seeds, basket and plastic salad tongs. I thought my selection was absurd however my classmates thought it was pretty neat which made me feel better about myself (ha).

Unfortunately, my memory card is and was missing the day of the shoot so I was forced to use my phone’s camera. It could have been a lot worse, i know, but I would have preferred to use my camera :/

Looking around the room I saw a pomegranate and cupcakes. Looking back I am instantly coming up with cupcake + pomegranate formulations in my mind that perhaps will inspire future art projects….

Everyone appeared to be having a good time. The environment was light and cheerful. For me, personally, the environment is crucial when making art. So A++ too us!

I have other photos that I think I would like to edit and post, but these are the ones that I have so far. I am happy to know that food art is as fun as it sounds.


Ram Pantry: morning shift: Wassssgoood

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.39.54 PM

I took this picture ;)

Today I went to the ram pantry to volunteer with my group. I went upstairs to the pantry for a second and when I turned around to go back downstairs to the kitchen I passed a girl that I know, however do not remember her name…. I said hey instantly (in a calm tone) and by her expression I assume she felt slightly embarrassed? I did my best to get across the fact that I was not even processing her being there as anything more then a lovely surprise! Hopefully she survived.

When I got downstairs to the cooking area (kitchen)  Elizabeth and Tori were very hard at work making sweet potato fries. I was super amped to dive right in to the action seeing as I love sweet potatoes. Elizabeth said the sweet potatoes were sorta hard to cut but that was about it as far as ‘annoyances’ go.

Tori came up with a fun idea of ‘shaking and baking’ also known as ‘shake and bake’ which meant we would put sugar into a bag and then put the fries in with it and then ‘shake’ the bag in an enthused and vivacious way. She did the task well!

Elizabeth said that I should put the apron on since ‘i am cooking’ (i felt very special) and so I did which then naturally meant well then I should be the one to take the fries out of the oven… a simple task yet I created a little trouble when the excess sugar/oil mixture dripped off of the pan as I was taking it out. This little ‘drippage’ thus caused a frantic scare of whether or not the smoke alarm was going to set off. Turns out the fries in the end didn’t turn out the way we had initially hoped they would; a little too soggy not enough ‘crisp’. It’s okay at least we know now!

In continuance with the fire alarm scare, Luckily,  our group was on it and immediately opened all windows and cracked open the door. Go team!


What is Service Work?

Last thursday a speaker came in during class to give us a presentation on what service learning is all about. It was actually very enlightening and engaging (much to my surprise).

A few things she pointed out about Service Learning is that it is meant to improve communities and to teach people which then “enhances a sense of civic responsibility.”

Civic, was a word that I was particularly struck by. The speaker was very receptive to my response and as well as overall engaged with conversation in whole.

She pointed out that service learning is a hand on practice and an opportunity to learn actively. A classmate of mine added to the list by stating that it is also ‘free labor’. All of which are good and valid points.


‘Smile’ Peter Raacke 1959

Carl Kleiner: Pinterest: art & food

Today, I was scrolling through my pinterest feed and I came across some fascinating images. Soon after clicking on one picture I was lead to another and it was soon established that this particular artist, Carl Kleiner, had created a unique composition/ collection of ‘food art’.

BLEND – COMPOSITION IN YELLOW / collaboration w. EVELINA KLEINER / Seed-spiced cheese, Queso, ”Cheddar style”, Emental mini meule, Västgöta kloster, Cheddar


This work was a collaborative effort, which is now causing me to be inspired to work with another person on a piece…. food photography, when done well, is actually rather awesome (in my opinion).

Just for the purpose of juxtaposition- here are some other examples of work he has done:

(more food!) :)

Carl Kleiner—BLEND – Paraphrase of SOLOMON LEWITT / Collaboration w. EVELINA KLEINER / Instant coffee powder, Instant espresso coffee powder, French roast

“You Will Eat All of That!”

This article made me reflect upon my experiences growing up and   being exposed to different foods and how my parents reacted when I wasn’t ‘feeling’ a particular dish. They were fine with it- my parents have always believed that as a human being I will know when to eat/ when I am hungry, thus worrying that I will starve is, to some degree- pointless.

     An interesting component of the article was the mentioning of how parents use ‘wastefulness’ to guilt their children in to eating something (215). It doesn’t stop there- the research included the three subcategories within the overarching category of ‘wastefulness’. These categories were: effort wastefulness, financial wastefulness, food wastefulness and emotional guilt. The article also states that a mandatory factor in any ‘forced consumption episode’ is the collision of wills “between the forcer and forcee.”

That then redirects my focus to the possible association of ‘power struggle’ to forced food consumption. Meaning at the root of it all there is much more to the situation then is brought to the surface…


Pinterest: Food Advocacies

On September 25, My partner and I trolled Pinterest to find food advocacies. 4c31583fec2a77c02c799841e071b406



We were both pretty stoked to complete this task seeing as both of us knew the site and its layout pretty well.

For my personal use, I use Pinterest to admire art, photography, fashion, fashion shows etc… I love it because it is all about the visuals. I love visuals.

A food avocacy that stuck out to me I’n particular was one called the ‘Thug Kitchen’.



Abrasion interlaced within marketing for food was a concept completely new to me. That being sad I found it refreshing and hilarious. I am definitely not chasing at the bit to show my mother however, regardless,  they grabbed my attention, well done.