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Final Post Reflective Essay

Ella Pizoli

Final Post Reflective Essay


Through out this semester I learned a lot concerning food advocacy, food learning, and food justice. First I want to talk about our class readings. I learned a lot about fast foods and food production through these readings. There were a couple of readings that really stood out to me which included: chapter 7, The Meal and Our National Eating Disorder by Pollan. The meal mostly talks about how most foods are made from corn and Our National Eating Disorder talks about America’s poor eating habits. You can find both of my post about these articles at:

A quote that really stood out to me in the Eating Disorder article was: “Harvey Levenstein, a Canadian historian -guided the American way of eating since the heyday of William Sylvester Graham and John Kellogg: ” . . . that taste is not a true guide to what should be eaten; that one should not simply eat what one enjoys; that the important components of food cannot be seen or tasted, but are discernible only in scientific laboratories; and that experimental science has produced rules of nutrition that will prevent illness and encourage longevity.” This quote shows how skewed Americans view towards food really is. This article also says that Americans are obsessed with eating healthy which I don’t necessarily agree with. I believe Americans want to know how to eat healthy but don’t actually want to eat it.

From chapter 7 I learned that 6 nuggets = quarter a pound of meat. 32 oz. of soda contains 86 grams of HFCS. 3 drinks = 1 pound = 6 pounds of corn! After hearing these facts and talking about it in class made me realize how unhealthy Americans diets are.

I really enjoyed being creative with a group of my classmates. Because I have a Creative Advertising major I do this a lot and know how beneficial it is to collaborate with people to bounce off ideas. Like stated in my presentation, I believe, the groups should meet with the client more often to make sure everyone is on the same page. I also believe that the client and groups should create goals at the beginning of the semester hoping to complete at the end. I understand that some of these goals don’t always follow through due to service learning complications but going through the process of trying to make these goals happen is service learning in it self. Doing this will allow us to have better communication and understanding of what our clients want and expect from us.

I created an advertisement for the Ram Pantry, it was sent to Terrence a couple times and I personally sent it to him but he never responded. Having these monthly meeting will diminish these problems. I spend a lot of time working on this advertisement it honestly really upset me that I put in the time and got nothing out of it. Below is the advertisement that I made:



I also created the Instagram page for Ram Pantry. Attached is a link to the Instagram and the second link is to the blog post I wrote explaining why I like Instragram and how/why I use it: ,

I am a commuter and I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend the actual events on Wednesdays so I believe creating this socal media platform would be a good way for me to stay active. My favorite blog post I created was the picture below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 10.53.50 AM


I took this image, taken by Aster Bagtas, and added the Ram Pantry under it. I thought it would be a creative and beautiful way to show some Ram Pantry support.

At the end of the semester, as a class, we decided to create “makes” to re-motivate the class to stay on top of their service learning. I really enjoyed coming up with ideas for the midterm and ideas for makes for other classmates to do with their client. I came up with 4 easy and cheap ideas for them to do with their client. My ideas: 1. Print out simple coloring pages such as star or heart and bring in uncooked noodles. Have the kids glue the noodles to the page inside the image. 2. Make Musical Instruments with a empty milk carton and raw noodles or cereal. 3. Glue cereal onto a paper and make your own picture. 4. Make a poster. Present to the class your favorite food. Include a picture, a recipe with the food item in it and also 5 reasons why you like that food. Below is link to my blog posts about these makes. You can also find the pictures of my memes I made.


My favorite meme that I made is:



This picture is my favorite because I am such a healthy eater and know so much about healthy food I believe it is a good little inside tip for others. One of my favorite moments in this class was during Make 1. I had a blast playing with all the food everyone brought in and taking pictures of what we created. Attached are some of the pictures I took:





A also had a good time creating my video of my recipe of my Egg white, veggies, messy omelet. I had my sister video tape me while I made the omelet. I didn’t speak in this video at all because I think the video speaks for itself. Attached is the link to my video. ( ). From this YouTube channel you can also view the other recipes my classmates made. These YouTube videos channel can be helpful inspiring other students to be creative in the future.

Lastly, I want to talk about creative my blog all together. I personally loved creating a blog. It allows me to gather all my thought and keep them organized. However, I think creating the blog at the beginning of the semester should be better organized with explained, detailed directions. There were a lot of difficulties for many students with their blogs and I believe that should have already been figured out before the class even started how to accurately create a blog. Below is the link to my blog:

Make #5


For this make, I suggested in class that the Peter Paul group try to do something along the lines of food bingo. After thinking about it more and then trying to incorporate the idea/assignment of children learning about different types of fruit and veggies (i.e. when the professor explained in detail about using pomegranate seeds and allowing them to see it and feel it and taste it. So, with combining those sorts of ideas with food bingo, I came up with the idea of using five different foods for the bingo chips. For example, instead of chip pieces for the game, they would use pre-cut pieces of kale, pomegranate seeds, apple cubes, pre-cut pieces of bread, and small strawberries. These items would be distributed in different varieties and placed in bags and given to the children with the bingo sheets. They would play it like “B5- kale”.

Rampantry Chili Part Two!!!

This past Wednesday did NOT go as expected! I have no pictures because I was busy, busy, busy! Only one person showed up to help from my group so I was very short handed. I expected a couple members plus the professor. I only got ONE heads up on absent notifications. I was very disappointed. I made the chili ALONE although it was still a success. I prepped it, cooked it, and passed out samples. Luckily, a volunteer from the pantry aided in parts of the project, but there was still LOTS of work left to do. Because things slowly became too much to handle for me, I quit. I ended up not passing out the rest of my samples because it was cold and starting to get dark outside AND I was alone. So I headed back to the kitchen to clean up, wash the dishes, give away what chili that I had left, eat what was left so nothing was wasted, and wipe down everything and throw away the trash. Although I was really mad with having to do a lot of things on my own, I still enjoyed cooking and helping the Rampantry. AND there were a few people from a band that were using the kitchen after we were done that I asked to take some chili if they were interested. THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. One guy came back like four times and even took a bowl to go! He said it was so good and was hoping I wasn’t packing up the rest to take home. I wasn’t sure if he was a student or not, but he asked about the Rampantry and how often we were doing the sampling and I was happy to give out the information!

So my lesson learned for next time is to not depend on anyone. Plan on doing things yourself by assuming all the roles of the group. Also, since times have changed we will have to make the afternoon group at an earlier time in the afternoon because it gets too dark. OR…jut cancel the afternoon group since no one wants to show up anyhow. I’m just really mad about that so…yeah. I hate it when people don’t say anything about whether or not they are coming!!! I could have canceled it that week if I knew that it would be like that! I don’t live on campus so I could have DEFINITELY saved the gas!

Rampantry round 2

IMG_2381 IMG_2379 IMG_2378(1) IMG_2372

Today went way better! No firefighters. However we still continue to run into the problem of people not knowing who we are. They still assume were the consumers and we need to fill out paperwork. Two of the ladies did remember us though.

There was a different major problem today, though. We planned in class when we met for our groups to make sweet potato fries…oven baked this time so we didn’t have any smoke issues going on. And we had zucchini fries as our backup since they always have lots of zucchini. When we went upstairs to collect them….there was NO zucchini at all, nonexistent. And there was nothing but little crumbs left from the sweet potatoes. So…we had no plan.

Long story short. I stepped up to the plate and took control of the situation while Tori had my back. Leadership is a difficult task, but who else was going to do it? And we needed to get that show on the road ASAP! So I looked around at what they did have available. I wanted to use the bell peppers, but with what? And if we added it to the soup, how would that be making anything? So we picked up canned chicken, tomato sauce, bell peppers, canned corn, kale, and canned potatoes. We was fitna make somin!…as my mom would say lol. I didn’t know whether it would come out as soup or stew or chili. I wanted it to be chicken chili ’cause I love that, but we didn’t have all the ingredients since this was off the hat last minute.

It came out good though! Very similar to white chicken chili! Everyone loved it. Next time we’re going to make more since we started traveling with it and going towards the library and telling people about it. It was great!

New Ad


I created this ad to gain awareness for the Ram Panty! I wanted to keep it simple, plan, and to the point. I used yellow to show off some VCU pride and to make certain words stand out. I just added the new logo and the “Follow us on Instagram and Twitter”.

Rampantry closed today!

I was sad that the Rampantry was closed today. I was looking forward to redeeming ourselves since the last time my group was there we set off the fire alarms. This time I think we will just do some baking and hope for the best that way. I have a couple ideas depending on what is available that week. I also think that for the recipe idea, I’m not sure I would like it to be so available. Maybe have it in the beginning or just a picture or link of it posted on Twitter, but it should sort of be like a limited access thing once more people come. It should be like exclusive, VIP access, watch and learn what to do with your groceries kind of thing. Yes….I like that idea.