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Email Notes

As a reference point for the Group and Mr. Walker I have been taking and emailing notes of the emails and sending them to our group. I will include them on here too.

  • If you can, please take a picture of your group with the produce so that we can put the picture on our facebook page along with a notice that you will be offering tasty cooking treats at Rampantry.
  • I spoke to Nic, the building manager and he

said that you can use their kitchen to cook the food and you can also use their pots/pans. Nic request that we make sure that the

kitchen is cleaned before the pantry closes at 5pm on Wed.

I like the pairing example. The building manager will not allow us to pre package food because we don’t have a license to offer cooked meals.

  • There are about one/two students who are taking a Service Learning class who want to help put together a cook book, etc..What’s the best way to connect your group with the students? Thanks.
  •  I left my camera at the pantry so that you can take some pictures of the tasty samples and of

your classmates. If you decide to take pictures of anyone using the pantry, please ask their permission firs