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Another make for fun

When things aren’t what you expect, you have to improvise. And sometimes, like with that white chicken chili, you got to make something out of nothing. Here’s another one of those incidences. I wanted to make smoothies like I usually do at home but I was at my boyfriends house. He had some ingredients, but not everything o needed. We were missing bananas, spinach, and oats. And we ran out of ice!!! But we made it work!








processed food hunt

In class we did an activity to find processed foods on local convent stores. Alex and I went to the store in Harris and we looked at Cliff bars and special K protein bars. The Cliff bar had 21 g of sugar and the daily amount is 13g. The special K protein bars had 250mg while the daily serving is 100mg.


*pictures to come*

Social media- Pinterest

Taylor and I selected pinterest for our group formation make up assignment about social media. Both of us had similar uses in how we use social media, but unlike her not only do I look at clothes, food, and crafts; I also look at things based on health, organization, and lesson plans.

Things I like: gives you ideas for things, directions

Things I don’t like: dead links irrelevant links


How do food activist and food pantries use it: to display factual information and eye catching images with links to sites with further information about them.

3 team building exercises

Sitting Circle

Materials: Circle of over 25 people

Aims: Trust, fun


Group stands in a close circle, in queue form, with right shoulders towards the center of the circle. The circle closes so that everyone is touching the person in front and behind them. Each participant holds the waist of the person in front. Everyone bends their knees until they feel themselves supported on the knee of the person behind.

If successful (rarely happens first time) the whole group is self supported, each person sitting on the knee of the person behind.

Note: This can only be successful if the circular shape is maintained throughout and it is helpful if the group leans slightly towards the center as they are trying to settle down.

Variations: After secure sitting position is achieved everyone leans inwards slightly and raises left leg. Try to alternate stepping with right and left feet (very difficult)


Bomb Shelter

Materials: None

Aims: Role-playing, group decision-making, group interaction

Procedure: Divide in groups of 8 – 10. Each group member adopts a specific role, usually an occupation (for example: a doctor, an athlete, a teacher, movie-star, mother, housewife, etc; these can be written out and picked from a hat).
Tell groups they are in an air-raid shelter after an atom bomb has fallen, big enough and with enough air and food for only six people, therefore they must get rid of several members.

Each group member must argue why he should be allowed to survive. A group decision must be reached for who goes and stays: no suicides or murder allowed.
Set a time limit for the decision.

Later discuss how the group interacted making the decision, whether each person played an active or passive role, how satisfied each was with his role, etc.

Variations: Instead of an air-raid shelter, have a life raft or desert island or space ship. Add incidents, accidents, rituals, funerals, ceremonies.


Body Lift

Aims: Trust, concentration, group development

Procedure: Group chooses each member in turn and elevates them to a horizontal position above the heads of the group. The person is held there for a specific period, and then lowered carefully to the floor. The elevated person must relax and close eyes. It is often a good idea to have the groups raise and lower in unison. This often avoids confusion and helps concentration.

Variations: Vary speed and control of lift: walk, rock, etc. Have the person involved give instructions to the group. Combine with Backward fall & catch.