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November 12th Fundraiser

Last night, ReEstablish Richmond had a fundraiser at Bakers Crust in Carytown. My group as well as Kimberly and Kate were there helping out during the course of the fundraiser. They had a table set up with more information about ReEstablish Richmond as well as a raffle for customers to participate in. They were raffling off a tote bag made by one of the cultures that the organization caters to. My group was tasked to walk around to each table and let customers know what was going on throughout the night. The restaurant was packed as the night went on. After talking with a lot of the customers, they seemed supportive of the organization and willing to participate. In my opinion, the fundraiser was a success and I’m glad I was able to support such a great organization.



ReEstablish Richmond Fundraiser

ReEstablish Richmond is having a fundraiser at Bakers Crust in Carytown. The event will be held on November 12 from 5pm-9pm. 15% of checks will go to the organization when you mention that you would like to support ReEstablish Richmond. This includes all breakfast, lunch, dinner, and carryout orders.

My group created a Facebook event page and a flyer to promote the event!


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Conference Call

Today in class, we had a conference call with Kimberly from ReEstablish Richmond. After the call, I am feeling a bit better about our whole situation. Besides helping with the food flash cards, we haven’t really done anything to support the organization…due to the fact that she hasn’t given us anything to assist with. We  presented the idea of doing a proceeds night at a local restaurant as well as creating other marketing materials. She informed us that on November 12th, ReEstablish Richmond will be having a proceeds night at Baker’s Crust in Carytown. In order to prepare, our group will be creating flyers and posting updates/reminders on social media platforms. We also will be creating an event page for us to share with our friends on Facebook. Another task she gave us is to create a montage of different photos Kimberly has collected to post on the organization’s website. Overall, I think it was a successful meeting and hopefully these tasks will keep us busy.


ReEstablish Richmond Update

Since Kimberly from ReEstablish Richmond hasn’t given us any tasks, as a group we decided to take matters into our own hands. We just want to be able to help ReEstablish Richmond in some way or another. I had the idea of fundraising for the organization in general. In the past I have worked with various organizations on fundraising initiatives and they have all turned out successful. Currently for one of my business classes, I am working on a semester long fundraising project for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond. So far we have hosted a raffle and will be doing a proceeds night at a local restaurant in the near future. I thought both of these projects could tie into each other considering the main goal is to help the organization. As a group, we brainstormed a couple of ideas. We ultimately decided we could have a proceeds night and a percentage of the sales would go to ReEstablish Richmond. This would be a good way to not only promote the organization but it would also give us the opportunity to help. We will be talking with Kimberly next class to discuss the ideas we have as well as to hear what she would like us to do.


ReEstablish Richmond – Food Program Prep

Yesterday on Tuesday October 14, we all met at Westminster Presbyterian Church to help with the Agri-Culture/Food Program Prep. When we first got there we went out to look at the garden, which is growing very nicely! There are snap peas and some over veggies growing in the large planters. Kimberly also planted some flowers around to make it more appealing.

While we were at the Church, we helped with creating food flash cards. The flash cards will be used during the nutrition workshops. The refugees will be able to use them to learn popular American foods. This will also assist them with their English and better help them associate a word to an item. Our group split up and focused by meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Kelly and I were tasked to look up the breakfast items. We started by making a list of all the commonly known items then found appropriate pictures for each. We then did research and looked up popular breakfast items for the Iraqi and Afghani cultures. Depending on what Lauren and Kimberly would like us to do next, there is a possibility of finding health facts related to the each of the items. We have put all of the work we completed in a Google Document so everyone will be able to access it. Overall, it was a productive afternoon and we will be touching base with Kimberly as soon as Fall Break is over. We will most likely be meeting next during the week of October 20th.

ReEstablish Richmond Update

Seeing all of the other groups immersed into helping their specific organization made us antsy. We all wanted to start working and helping ReEstablish Richmond. After meeting for the orientation we hadn’t heard from Kimberly in about two weeks. Once we heard from her we did not receive the news that we were expecting. Due to some changes in logistics and obstacles for ReEstablish Richmond our plan was altered. Originally we were going to attend workshops and interview the refugees based off of their personal stories and past experiences. However with changes in regards to the logistics of the workshops, we will no longer be assisting with them. After being informed the news, our group was quite disappointed. We all were excited to interact with the refugees and to hear their stories.  Kimberly came up with a new plan and decided how we will benefit the organization. She gave us some dates and times to help with Driving Education classes, Agri-Culture/Food program prep, and even the nutrition workshops. Since the times and dates of the workshops and preparations may be conflicting with our schedules, we are still going to try our best to attend as much as possible. We will be meeting with Kimberly and Lauren at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Tuesday afternoon to assist with Food Program Prep. We do not know what that entails as of right now but we are excited to get started.

Volunteer Orientation

On September 23, we had our second meeting with Kimberly from ReEstablish Richmond. In addition to Kimberly hosting the meeting, Lauren, an intern for ReEstablish Richmond, and another VCU student group that will also be working with the organization attended the meeting. We all met in a room in the library for the orientation. We started off by introducing ourselves and then Kimberly presented a PowerPoint to the group with more information. We discussed the background history of refugees, what ReEstablish Richmond does for the community and how my group will benefit the organization.

We first talked about what a refugee is. A refugee is one that has migrated from one country to another to escape persecution. The United States requests refugees to flee their countries to come and obtain a legal status here. Our group will be working with the Iraqi and Afghani populations. However, ReEstablish Richmond caters to the Bhutan, Burmese, and Cuban populations as well. We also brainstormed ways to overcome language barriers since we will be working with individuals with limited proficiency in the English language. This activity was helpful and I learned new ways to adapt to this obstacle.

ReEstablish Richmond provides resources in order for the refugee community to get on their feet in America. ReEstablish Richmond has four major programs to assist the refugees, Job Preparation, Housing, Education, and Agri-Culture. The organization provides various resources associated with each program. Housing, bus orientation/navigation, driver’s education classes, English classes, job fairs, and job preparation are some of the resources offered. ReEstablish also maintains a garden at a local church that the refugees are able to tend.

I think the meeting was very productive and overall helpful for what we will be doing with the organization. It was also beneficial to hear Lauren’s perspective on working with the refugees. She provided tips that we will be able to use especially during the interviews. Our next step will be getting the dates for the workshops, once everything is finalized. We are all excited to work with the refugees!