Final Blog Post: Reflective Essay with Links and Images

Final Blog Post: DUE END OF DAY, SUNDAY DEC 7 @ 11:59 PM.  

Your blog is the compilation of all of your work this semester.  In a well-written reflective essay narrate and reflect on your experience with food advocacy, food justice or food learning in the course. This essay should be posted as a new “post” and its visibility should be made “sticky” (so that it remains on the front/top of your blog. I will demonstrate how to do this in class).

The final blog reflective essay should be a minimum of 1000 words and contain at least 5 links to previous blog posts. For example, if you are discussing your relationship with your client and concerns your client expressed in an early meeting, you can reference these concerns in your essay and then link to the specific blog post where you first wrote about the meeting and client concerns. Or if you sent a client an image or idea for his/her use, you can link to this image on your blog, or to the screen shot of the email you sent to the client.

Your final reflective essay should also contain some embedded images/photos that you took during your semester’s work (minimum 3 images/photos/or videos).  Make sure you provide context for the photos as necessary. (A photo or video simply inserted into a blog post will not make much sense). Use the photos to provide visual evidence of points you make in your reflection.  All embedded photos or videos should be created by you.

This final reflective essay post should give your blog reader a thoughtful perspective on your collected experiences in Univ 211. Carefully construct the final blog reflective essay to highlight key moments in your learning, and link to them.  In this way, you are thinking about your learning and guiding your reader to evidence of that learning by linking to earlier work you posted in your blog.

 Final Reflective Essay Blog Post DUE: At the end of the day Sunday Dec 7 @ 11:59 pm (end of day).  All blog submissions must be made by this deadline.

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