Google Jockey Notes Sept & Oct

Oct 2: Google Jockey Notes from Social Media Partner Shares: Note taker:  Meaghan

Instagram  Aster, Laura,

  • connects with facebook, tumblr, twitter
  • computer version not as friendly as mobile version
  • can easily take nice pictures using iPhone
  • @localfoodhub – food on instagram
  • @oregonfoodbank


  • choose feed.  have control of what you can see
  • hashtags: categorize what people are talking about
  • #foodadvocacy  #rampantry
  • hashtags have to be relevant.  don’t hashtag too much
  • not obligated to follow back
  • hashtags help you find people with similar interests
  • more newsworthy, less aesthetics
  • @civileev
  • everything you follow pops up on your feed

YouTube  Kyle  John

  • use it for school, to help with learning.  how to make recipes.  how to learn calculus.  reviews for products.
  • can subscribe
  • use it for entertainment: music, funny videos.
  • epic meal time
  • can make money by having a lot of viewers, leading google to place advertisement on it.
  • youtube nonprofit program. have volunteers that help nonprofits who don’t know how to make videos
  • food and agriculture organization of the UN
  • OregonfoodBank


  • pinterest usage: design, fashion, diy, recipes, travel, etc
  • reasons nonprofits should be on pinterest
  • our brand
  • images evoke emotions
  • brings traffic to your cause
  • gets people engaged & investe
  • people spend money because of pinterest
  • saves your searchs
  • need to pin often

Sept 9, 2014

Client Meeting:  Groups Report to Class

Eleanor McMaster 9/9/14

Peter Paul Group Report: 

First and third wednesday Feed More drops off food

idea to give out recipes w/ food delivered  — ‘she’ loves the idea

educate parents first then children

planting herbs that kids can take home

they have a twitter page  look at what has been posted on the page.  Think about how we can add material to the page.

Question about what their mission is?

ongoing volunteering

they have people running facebook pg

twitter: peterpaul_We all should follow!

How many kid teaching sessions- who will run them?

exposing children to sushi– idea “cultural day” “altered sushi” to make it cheaper and more likely to be eaten by children

where is the $$$ going to come from?

be on top of food truck deliveries so we see what recipes we can provide or foods we can introduce to students

ask about previous deliveries

add $2, bake brownies ($1 ea)

Print recipe pages- collect recipes- book of recipes?

Ram Pantry:   Ideas to prepare for Mr. Walker’s visit

RECIPES ARE CRUCIAL. What’s in the pantry each week is important to know and work with in recipes and on social media.

Written out recipes.   no video?

ADVERTISING IS CRUCIAL.  Suggestion: have an advertising contest?

food insecurity: how will we educate students and others about VCU food insecurity?

wed 11-5 Rampantry HOURS!

cereal, cereal bars, run out, then what to do with pinto beans?

goal to educate followers

do students know about social media? How can we get students to follow Rampanty on Facebook and Twitter?  Invite people to like ram pantry.  Set up booth at Rampantry: “like us on twitter and get a ___”

shaffer tvs in commons, posting in bathroom like the Well  OR how to get the WELL to feature Rampantry on their Stall Street Page?

Goal to get article published in commonwealth times

trying to make sure people know what the ram pantry is for

9/11/14       Google Jockey: Jason Kidd

Terrance Walker

Biggest problem is how to stock for about 30,00+ students

Partners with CUFBA_ College and University Food Bank Alliance

CUFBA also Rampantry needs help in social media

Michigan state First to set up food pantry

Michigan state looks to VCU to help spread awareness of food insecurity

Very little infrastructure to get political backing and awareness

Dorms and Greek life work towards food drives

Rampantry does not have a budget so students must help out to keep stock

next pickup 9/22/14 from Goochland need volunteers

Next date of pickup 9/22/14 need volunteers to go to Goochland

leave recipes in Rampantry

food budget help for students

September is Hunger action month

nutrition guide for students

samples for the food that isnt moving very well

Giveaways to help raise awareness

Food Insecurities Conference next semester

During winter break Pantry moves to the commons, trying to invite vcu pres

vcu chef to help with some recipes

Eleanor McMaster 9/10

Food sampling wed (not this coming wed but the next) – elizabeth is sending sign up sheet

social media- post pictures of food that we have

pinto beans- what to do – come up with recipes – before wednesday

Based on what is left over – create a recipe- post online

what do we need?

– oil

group needs to send email to terrence about what we need

need facebook password




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