Second Sick Day: Monday Jan 29th

Hello all! I’m so sorry to call in for a second sick day, but I am still surprisingly very very sick. I had big plans to fake it today, but I’m not quite ambulatory.

This means we have a second (and very desperately hopefully last) sick day. You have two things to work on today in lieu of class:


Read Pinchin’s “How Slaves Shaped American Cooking” and Godoy / Simon’s “Why the Story of Southern Food…“. Then respond to our discussion prompt on FlipGrid here.

Prepping for our Unit I writing assignment

Read our post on Unit I Writing. Post any questions you have on our “in lieu of Monday office hours” FlipGrid here. I’ll go through your questions tonight and tomorrow and post answers!

Again, apologies for being out today, and I look forward to seeing you all again Wednesday.

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