Unit II is live!

The subject says it all. With the exception of the final week, our schedule and assignments for Unit II are posted in our daily schedule.

For this unit we’ll be moving beyond storytelling and into industrialized food systems. At the outset we’ll bridge unit I and unit II by thinking about what we believe versus what is true. Because we so frequently encounter food as a consumer product, most of our narratives about the food we eat come from marketing teams. The Produce Marketing Association tells us they’re growing a healthier world.  What does that mean? Who does it benefit?

Our initial questions for this unit will explore the stories we’re told about the food we eat. What do those stories reveal? What do they conceal? Ultimately, though, this unit will invite us to look more deeply at the way policy affects producers and to understand food systems as an often-conflicted meeting of the ecological and the economic .

See you all tomorrow!