Welcome to Unit III!

We’re rounding out the second half of our semester this week, which means we’re ready to launch Unit III.

In your first two units you’ve studied how humans build social narratives around food, and you’ve looked at how industrialized practices change the ways food systems interact with human and nonhuman needs. For our third unit we’ll look at how humans interact with storytelling the public sector to make changes in their varied food systems.

To launch this week we’ll look at a very recent fight over the narrative put forth by an industrial food giant: McDonalds. Ten days ago, McDonalds launched this ad in honor of International Women’s Day:

How was it received? Not well by McDonalds Workers.

Why? The Washington Post had some possible answers:

Four graphs illustrate the prevalence of women among minimum wage works and restaurant workers, and the lack of women in McDonald's leadership.



This is a great illustration of what we’ll be looking at in our third unit. McDonald’s tried to craft a message of women and empowerment. Employees worked to reorganize that narrative in support of their ongoing campaign for higher wages and safer working conditions.

In Unit I we discussed identities as socially constructed. This unit we’ll think about how we battle for control over those narratives in the public.

Read more at Here’s how McDonald’s could actually help women.

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