Wrapping up

Hello all and welcome to the close of our semester together! At this point your work is complete and submitted, and most of the work now remains on my end: grading. A note about that, and instructions for this week are listed below.

Final class

To wrap up I’d like us to complete two things: a 360 overview of our class and your VCU course evaluations. Both are linked below!

360 overview – before completing this document please return to our weekly schedules and look over the full scope of the work we’ve done this semester. Keep that tab open for consultation as you complete this survey.

VCU course evaluations – our goal this semester is to reach an 85% completion rate for our course. I’ll keep a running count of our completion rate and update you with my current level of urgency.

All three surveys are anonymous and have no effect on your final grade. They are intended to help improve this course and my overall teaching. Thank you for completing these!

Final grades

I’m grading now and will have those grades posted ASAP! Please be patient this week. I have a remaining 30 final papers to grade (totaling roughly 350 pages) and 70 final projects to grade (with 70 strategic plans and 3-4 campaign items a piece). I’ll be speedy, but I also need to be thorough and fair. Grades will be posted as soon as possible.

So long and thanks for all the fish.