Daily Schedule

Unit I – Communities, Storytelling, and Food


Jan 17 – EDIT: SNOW DAY!!!!
Jan 19 – Out of class session: Read Dr. Reed’s Week 1 blog post, read Choi’s “What Americans can learn…” and respond to the video discussion prompt here.

Jan 22 – Read “Spoken Dish Asks Southerners…” and then visit the Spoken Dish website. Listen to these 5 narratives: “Barbecue, Period,” “Food as Metaphor,” “What is Soul Food?,” “Chinese Cornerstores,” and “Me in a Pot.
Jan 24 – Miller – “The Birth of the Patio Daddy-o” [pdf on Blackboard]. Last day to add / drop classes.
Jan 26 – EDIT: SICK DAY. No in class session (I’M SO SORRY). Read Danovich – “The Un-Pretty History of Georgia’s Iconic Peach.” Respond to the reading in this FlipgridDeadline to provide professors written notice to observe religious holidays.

Jan 29 – EDIT: SICK DAY PART DEUX. Follow our directions here.
Jan 31 – Harris – “The Gentrification of Soul Food” and Yonan – “Bryant Terry Marries Vegan…
Feb 2 – Dickson – “Thug Kitchen…“, Terry – “The Problem with ‘Thug’ Cuisine,” and Francis – “Thug Kitchen’s Brand…

Feb 5 – Gaytan – “From Sombreros to Sincronizadas…” [pdf on Blackboard]
Feb 7 – “From Sombreros to Sincronizadas…” cont.
Feb 9 – In class: drafting. Meet in HH 5116 for independent work (bring laptops!).  Unit I Writing Due 11:59pm.

Unit II – industrialization, globalization


12 – No homework due. Introduction of Unit II!
14 – Husted – “Supermarkets Waste…
16 – Estabrook – “The Indignity of Industrial Tomatoes.”

19 – Estabrook – “The Indignity of Industrial Tomatoes.”
21 – Weingarten – “Why Are America’s Farmers Killing Themselves…
23 – Liptak – “Saving Seeds…” and “Supreme Court Supports Monsanto...”

26 – UCS – “Industrial Agriculture,” Harvard – “Biodiversity,” and Monsanto – “Monocultures…” Discuss Unit II Assignment.
28 – Fresco – “We Need to Feed The Whole World…
Mar 2 – No classes or office hours.

5 – Spring break, no classes, but Richmond will be hosting Black Restaurant Week if you’re around!
7 – Spring break, no classes.
9 – Spring break, no classes.

12 – Welcome back, midterm grades update, check in on Unit II writing.
14 – Berry – “The Problem of Tobacco” (on Blackboard). Complete participation self analysis before class.
16 – In class drafting: meet in the FILL! Unit II Writing Due 11:59pm.

Unit III – storytelling and resistance


19 – Intro to Unit III.
21 – Moynihan – “Sharing the Wealth…
23 – No in-class session: out of class directions are online here! Last day to withdraw from class with a “W”: consult with your academic advisor before dropping a class.

26 – NSLP – “Early programs in the US,” “National School Lunch Act Approved,” and “Public Concern
28 – White – “We Should Rethink Our Approach,” Wheeler – “USDA Delays...” and Lee – “US Schools Rethink…
30 -Discuss Unit III Writing, and #ThanksMichelleObama and School Lunches from Around the World

Apr 2 – Wrapping up the Healthy Schools Campaign, introducing Aramark.
4 – Santo and Iaboni – What’s in a Prison Meal?
6 – Kelkar – Prisoners Organize Food Strike

9 – Aramark –  Public SchoolsCorrectional Facilities and Colleges and Universities
11 – Saul – Meal Plan Costs, and Carrasco – Campus Food Pantries…
13 – In class peer review! Bring drafts of your final Unit III assignments.

Unit III writing assignment due 11:59pm Saturday April 14th.

Final Projects


16 – Get into group for final projects! Work day: Have laptops in class.
18 – Bring draft brainstorming for campaign objectives to class – we’ll meet in the basement of Cabell Library outside of the Workshop. Here are some great crowd-sourced resources for making media!
20 – No in class session: this is a GREAT time to meet up with your groups if you’re not otherwise occupied!

23 – Workshop!
25 – Pitches: come ready to share your existing work with another group.
27 – Revisions of your campaign’s based on existing feedback. Meet in the FILL!

30 – Last day of classes: Bring laptopsFinal projects due before class.