Unit 2 Writing: System Assessment

For your Unit II writing you’ll do a preliminary assessment of a food system rooted in the industrialization or globalization of a particular product. For this assignment I’d like you to do the following:

  1. Select an agricultural “staple,” a food eaten routinely in the global food market. There are many staples that are clearly locked into global distribution: grains, starchy tubers, some animal products, and spices like pepper (or even a mineral, like salt).
  2. Research the food you’ve chosen. Learn about where it’s produced, who produces it, how it fits into local and global economies, how it’s transported, etc. What does it mean for this item to be produced and distributed on a wide scale?
  3. Finally, assess who the central stakeholders are for this food group. Stakeholders, for the purposes of this project, are not just those with investment stakes, but broader individuals and communities who are dependent on, empowered by, or affected by this product’s successes and failures.

For your writing assignment, I’d like you to assess the impact this product has on global communities. Who benefits from its production and distribution? Who is disempowered? What can we learn about local impact of global food systems by studying it?

2-4 sources, 1000-1250 words, submitted to Blackboard.