Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles Reflection

Skills: In this class the skills I gained were how to think deeper about certain topics. I learned that if you really invest your time into a topic that nothing can really be boring. When you dig down deeper instead of just staying on the surface you can find more topics that relate and make more connections and gain more knowledge. Another skill I have gained is how to use rampages. I had never used rampages before so at the beginning of the semester I did not know how to make a blog or what to di in this website but now I’ve come more accustomed to it and it’s much more easier.

Dispositions: Throughout this semester this class has been extremely confusing. I felt like a lot of the material we went over and what we did wasn’t  explained well enough. On many of the blog post I kind of just winged it really. And then sometimes in class when we would have discussions I felt like when I would ask questions they wouldn’t get a direct answer so that why most time I just stayed quiet. Also I understand that your not a fan of the grade system really but to me I felt like I needed to know a grade so I could know how I was doing in the class. That way I could know if I needed to step my game up or if I was doing fine.

Insights: I feel like I’ve gained insight on how to better research. Like with the paper I feel like I know how to look for more than just the basics. When I’ve been researching for the paper I feel like I’ve done better with this paper than with other papers I’ve done in the past. I also feel like the thinking deeper has helped me in other classes too. In my English class I’m currently writing a paper on gender issues in a book we read and I feel like now that I’ve opened my mind up more I’m writing it much easier and better.

Obstacles:  The biggest obstacle I’ve had is with the structure with this class. Just not knowing for sure how I’ve been doing really aggravated me. Also with the paper I hate how we waited so long to start. I have friends in other Univ 200 classes and they have been working on their paper since the beginning of the semester. They would write 1-2 page papers on topics that related to their main topic in the paper and now they are basically just putting all their works together and having the one paper. Also, all the talking about out paper in class and mapping them out personally did not help me. I feel like I’ve been overwhelmed with this paper now too since we are doing it so last minute. I wish we could have started maybe at the middle part of the semester because now I feel like I have to make this amazing paper in basically two weeks.

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