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Hi, my name is Lou Ford and I am taking this class for recertification points and to become familiar with eLearning.  I work with special needs students in kindergarten and first grade.  I’m not sure how much this will benefit them but I know they would much rather do something on the computer than sitting at a desk.  I have 4 nearly grown children of my own whom have been doing most of the technology for me!  They have set up my facebook and instagram accounts and figure my phone and computer out when I’ve done something to them, almost  daily.  I don’t have much free time but when I do, I can be found running through the streets or on a trail.  I started this as a way to be alone when my kids were small and now most of them enjoy doing it with me! I have set my twitter up as well and have not used either of these technologies in the past.  I’m not sure how these could facilitate learning for my specific students at this point but am eager to explore them.

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  1. Welcome to the course Lou!

    I just learned last month that, I think Virtual VA is offerring kindergarten and first grade online. I had no idea. I don’t really even know exactly how I feel about that, but it is certainly interesting.

    My hope is that you will come away from this course with some ideas that you can apply to your students. It may not be a fully online experience, but maybe some virtual learning activities that allow them to see things or do things through the use of technology that is not otherwise possible. When I think of working with younger children i think of the benefits of digital video, interactive learning games, and digital pictures. These technologies allow us show younger children things that cannot be seen with the naked eye (kinda like what microscopes do). So we can explore these ideas together this semester.

    Also, you didn’t give your impressions of the reading this week in this post. Please let me know your thoughts on it.

  2. Hi Lou! I’m glad you are in this class! My first reaction to hearing you were teaching kindergarten and 1st grade I kinda wondered why you were taking the class. As I have thought about it I think having you with us could be invaluable. The kiddos you are working with have not only *always* had computers but also smartphones with selfies, Facetime, Snapchat, Vine, Netflix and texting in their lives. I think we underestimate how much 5-6 year olds know and can do with digital media. We forget that they have never known a world without that immediate connection with the world. I will be interested to hear how you apply what we learn to kids, realizing that if they can do that now with you, what are the implications for 10 years from now when I get them in class?

  3. I know I definitely underestimate the little ones! My almost 4 year old is a whiz on the ipad-he can figure out games and play them much quicker than I can and I am convinced my 4th graders has a much better grasp on google docs than I do! Technology at their fingertips-they’ve never known the dark ages like us!

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