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As I read through the roles of an online instructor this week, different roles stood out to me.  The roles that I foresee playing in the set-up and execution of my module are; Course designer, Feedback-giver, Organizer and planner, and Technology integrator.  There are a few roles that because of the way I’m setting up the module and the age and needs of my students, I don’t believe I’ll be playing.  These roles are; Profession-inspirer, Interaction-facilitator, Conference manager, Social rapport builder, and Technical coordinator.  My students will be interacting with the module independent of classmates for the most part.  There will be some whole group discussion of the topic and maybe a group project, such as creating a collage of goods and services.  I can see with these activities that I may play a few roles that I’m not playing with the online module.  Interaction-facilitator and Social rapport builder would be utilized during these times.

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  1. My roles have some overlap with yours, but two that you mentioned not using are a pretty big focus for my module. I will be using the Profession-Inspirer and Interaction-Facilitator quite a bit. One of the learning goals for the module is for students to discover one (or hopefully more) study skills that they can integrate into their daily lives and adopt as a lifelong skill to be successful (profession-inspirer). Also, another goal is for the students to connect with one another and be able to use each other as resources for improvement so I will be facilitating interactions with the students throughout the module.

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