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My Reactions to the Article

My first impression after reading the article is that technology has come so far in a short time and the possibilities are endless as to where it can/will go.  One can get lost by the language and theories initially but when spending time learning (online) what they mean; it becomes easier to understand.  Distance education reaches across barriers and cultures and provides an avenue for learning that otherwise would not exist.  It opens possibilities to people who previously had very limited alternatives when traditional education didn’t work for them.  I am one that would struggle with the autonomy piece because I do much better when I can reach out and touch others in my learning.  I use/love the non-verbal cues and feel that I would be much better at listening and understanding what is being presented.  However, I’m aware that there are others that are completing opposite of me and shine when being left to themselves or their virtual worlds.  The metacognitive learning processes are key to being successful in learning whether online or in a classroom and students need guidance and to be taught what each of these components look like.  The teacher presence information is interesting.  I agree that it’s an important element of the online community but hope to find out more about how it’s attained in this forum.  Just from our short time together, I can see where communication and reaching out to each other is important and appreciated but how in the world would a teacher of a vast number of online students do that?!  As the synchronous learning activities improve so will these interactions.  I have been a part of video chatting (?) with a student in the hospital along with his 18 classmates in our classroom as well as face-timing with my college kids; I’m sure both of these are avenues that can be utilized in distance education.  All-in-all, I’ve learned a lot about distance education from this article and it’s made me think about the past, the present, and the future of our educational system.

Lou Ford

Hi, my name is Lou Ford and I am taking this class for recertification points and to become familiar with eLearning.  I work with special needs students in kindergarten and first grade.  I’m not sure how much this will benefit them but I know they would much rather do something on the computer than sitting at a desk.  I have 4 nearly grown children of my own whom have been doing most of the technology for me!  They have set up my facebook and instagram accounts and figure my phone and computer out when I’ve done something to them, almost  daily.  I don’t have much free time but when I do, I can be found running through the streets or on a trail.  I started this as a way to be alone when my kids were small and now most of them enjoy doing it with me! I have set my twitter up as well and have not used either of these technologies in the past.  I’m not sure how these could facilitate learning for my specific students at this point but am eager to explore them.