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Community of Inquiry Comments

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning…….is what I come up with after attempting to read the COI article!!  I definitely struggled to follow the jargon and then compile thoughts on what I was reading.  After reading a few blogs, I’ve gathered that I need to dive deeper to gain fuller understanding and appreciation.  At this point, this is what I came away with:  The visual of the framework is very helpful to those of us who by far are visual learners.  It makes it easier to see how the three elements (Social, Cognitive, and Teaching) flow together and how they create the educational experience.  If the three elements are evident in the learning process, both transactional distance and in a classroom, students will be more successful and feel more a part of the learning process.  I sense that the Teaching Presence may be the only one that can truly be manipulated by this model to both shorten distance learning and to design learning opportunities.  Designing lessons that require solutions and that provide facilitation and direction are indeed key to student’s success in this and any model of learning.  At this point, I have little idea as to how my project will incorporate these three elements!  I must explore what we’ve been introduced to thus far in different ways and then hopefully it will become a bit clearer!  I have learned that it will be up to me to set the stage for student success by designing/creating a module that will encourage learning through these elements.  It is probably pretty obvious that I have zero personal experience in virtual learning environments that I can relate to what I’ve been reading for this course.  Hopefully my comments are not completely off-based and I gain a better/deeper understanding of virtual learning by this whole experience!  Peace